Money Business.

Cold hard cash. Benjamins as some may call it. Ferraris, girls, parties, drugs, sex, rock and fuckin roll.

Success. You craavveeeee it. Need it. You see your favorite influencer typing out the most damn sounding good tweets, and blog posts, with the flashy instagram.

Imagine that, the epitome of success. Everything the movies talk about, show, and flamboyantly display to you.

And now you see it in the damn flesh, everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and here is the real life characterization of what you’ve been striving to achieve.

Could it be more of a realization of a dream?

Only in the fact that… it’s not in your hands.

You don’t have the Ferrari, you don’t have the Lamborghini, you don’t have the women, you don’t have the cash, you don’t have the parties, you don’t have the connections with the coolest people on the planet.

You do not have it.

They do.

And they have every damn program in the book (if you’re wondering what I mean by “programming” get privy on the rest of this blog, in regards to how it’s constructed, found in incentives article here, as well as a deeper paid course on programming and manipulation of a entire market… or the person right in front of you which is Weaponized Psychology System) continuing that thought they have every damn program in the book working you into seeing them as your dream. Why?

You were programmed to be that way.

You were altered to be that person, to see them like that. And… they might not even realize the programs (chances are (98.97% chance) they don’t)) that are putting them there, in the “higher status” position.


They don’t have to. See, now a days, it’s so easy to just pump out some platitudes, it’s so easy to take a bunch of incredible shots… and bank on the hard work of others who programmed YOU to be that way.


In a different note. You are seeing the outcome of hard work by them… acquiring those assets to leverage your inherent programming… and the hard work of minds much brighter than them, and you… who programmed you.

To produce a feeling inside of you.

But — besides that, we won’t talk about the psychology. We’ll save that for later.

More importantly is the things that brought them to the position they are in… to be able to flash those seeeexy assets to you.

Business. Money Business. Not copywriting, not pimping women.

Management of people.
Assessing Market status.
Basic Marketing Tactics.
“High Level” Marketing.
Closing Deals.
Establishing Strong Networks and Relationships.
Embedding their Business card, along with the IDEATION of status behind that Business Card.

Money Business.

And there of course is much more to it… But no one will talk about the “dirt” — the “weeds” — the “grime”. Ask yourself this… Why do you think it has a negative connotation in regards to it?

No one want’s to hear about the actual work that occurred… because it hasn’t been programmed into you to be cool…. and that’s a whole other story.


We will talk about something very important. The business. The actual thing that got them there.

Because if you’re going to build something in that way, you’ve got to produce some sacrifices.

Sacrifice of money, time, energy, power, what ever it may be.

Understand that the first step to success in business. Not in other industries, is people.

It doesn’t matter how many people, it is just people. Don’t attach any other conceptions to it. It could be the one big deal, where you have a person who is willing to devote 24.9 million dollars to you, in exchange for something you have. or….

It could be a “market” full of people, let’s say 15,990 people who “participate” in the idea of a “market”, something like star wars M.

The most important, and first step to the success you’re seeing behind these people’s facade, or the surface, isn’t the one “high paying skill”. Or the single thing that they sell you that will win it all.

It is the conglomeration of a multitude of many different pieces of skills, connections with people, and perspectives by masses of people whom they have influence, like you, where they piece together all of these parts. Like a puzzle, to succeed.

But… none of it would be possible without the core piece. People.

So, the next step is understanding that business is a game of psychology. It is making a person see the chess board in front of them, as if it were a “no other solution” type of game… except for the one you are presenting to them.

Well… at the highest level. The ELITE businesses make their business seem like the only POSSIBLE solution. Even in a contested market.

Google — the only search provider YOU will use… but? There is other providers like Bing, like Yahoo Search.

But… you use GOOGLE.

Amazon — the only Retail provider YOU will use… but? There is other providers like Overstock, Wish, Wal-Mart online.

But… you use AMAZON.

Netflix — the only content provider YOU will use… but? There is other providers like Disney, Hulu, Vimeo.

But… you use NETFLIX.

Do you see a trend here? This is ELITE level business. Editing people’s minds with highly advanced psychological techniques that many people see as “abstract”, and “hard to implement”. But.

These companies see as common place to entrench their product, within your mind DEEPLY.

Now, do you need this higher level aspect of knowledge?


But, you will need to know marketing, and how to reach your prospects mind, and how to divert attention from what ever they were paying attention to… to your product.

Remember. People are most important, but you need to be able to get their attention, and turn it into something that works for you.

People, marketing, networks, and the skills behind the cogs, and the gears.

The third aspect is being able to close deals, being able to create transactions. It is simple math. To get a Lamborghini you will most likely need around 699.9k ready to go to support that asset.

To make 699.9k in cash, you will need to create a lot of transactions. Makes sense correct? Now… understand, this is transactions. This is cash coming from someone else’s wallet… into yours. To create that type of cash, you need to have a constant stream of transactions coming in. A constant stream transactions comes from either you getting out there, and putting in the hours, to converse with how ever many people you must talk to — to achieve this hit rate (think, if you’re selling a product at 53 dollars, at a 28% margin, making it a 14.3 dollar profit for each product, meaning you must talk to atleast 49,900 people to meet that mark of 699.9k dollars… for your Lamborghini.

Long story short? To make that kind of return, is going to need a lot more than just copywriting skills.

It’s going to need an entire skillset designed to garner eyes towards something that will be causing a lot of:

  1. Traffic
  2. Conversions (think causing people to transact in exchange of their dollars for your product)

Now, let’s understand something deeper.

This is a deeper level message, and perhaps the deepest you will ever see me go, for free.

Understand that opportunity is the name of the game.

Opportunity is the case by which there is a chance for you to “transact” on a “metaphorical” level, i.e a situation in exchange for a situation.

Money in exchange for a product (your product in exchange for their money). On the stock markets, a position with a potential risk for a occurrence that doesn’t turn out into your way, for a opportunity to multiply your money, for little effort.

The idea of sacrifice, exchanging something for something, is what we’re talking about, in relationship to the idea of opportunity.

Think about this.

Now, understand, the most important message to retrieve out of this article is that…

There is FAR more to it, than just what you see.

And as time goes on, we will cover more, stay tuned.

Welcome to T&M.

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