Guest Post: Inside the Mind of a Ex Tate War Room Member. A Message to Break the Scam Spell

This is a guest post by a few individuals who were inside Tate’s war room, and were under “Tate’s scam spell”. A few men who saw the beef between me, and Tate, and a few others on Twitter, as well as the other questionable acts of business that Tate has carried out, and have asked me to utilize my platform of anonymity for a way to get their message out.

This message is for those who are under Tate’s spell, from men who were previously under his spell.

No attention seeking, these men seeked to remain anonymous.

No qualms with Tate, these men specifically asked me to remain out of the beef, as they want to remove themselves as far away from Tate as humanly possible, due to the pain he caused them.

Simply men who were lost for a bit, and found their way, to get back on track, and want to move on, as well as pass on a lesson on to other men, who are still under the Tate scam.

I specifically asked these men to come forward, as I saw their psychology alter, moment by moment.

If not to expose, but to help the other men under his brand’s spell.

When you have a opportunity to stop a wrong, one must do it.

So this is a story, as well as a analysis, into the Tate follower.

From here on, this is the story and the analysis of a few ex-Tate followers.

An in depth analysis of why @ofwudan is fraudulent, predatory and promotes psychologically unhealthy behaviors.

As a former follower of Tate, I can honestly say like everyone else, I thought he was the man… at least for a time. He had the money, the girls, and the lifestyle we all want. To make it even better he offered YouTube videos showing a unique look into his life and courses that would teach you to do the things that he did. In fact over the past year or so, Tate has released a series of courses covering topics from chess to women to body language.


Tate’s magnum opus to his collection of offerings is his “War Room” which gives each user “unparalleled” access to one of the internet’s most hated figures. This War Room however will prove to be his final blunder. How you ask? This article will walk each of you through what the War Room is, the realities of its existence, and finally the insidious mindset that it generates in people who “buy into” it.

But let’s not jump too far ahead in the story. I had followed Tate for some time and had enjoyed his YouTube channel. Then when he started the War Room, I was very enticed and after waiting a month I joined. To be fair the offer he had, if true, was too good to pass up. 24/7 access to a playboy multimillionaire and other people who shared the same political ideology and ambitions? Count me in. That however was the last high and the magic began to slowly dissipate because early on I noticed some things didn’t quite add up. At the time I chose to ignore them.

The very first thing I saw was that he was almost never in there. The dialogue of the chat centered around “being a G,” random petty arguments, and discussion of the latest get rich quick schemes. Now, the dialogue has shifted to less mainstream topics including sexual slavery and conspiracy theories. Over time there has definitely been a change in how several people in that room act and the topics that are discussed. It’s become apparent that the members simply want to be Tate and try their hardest to take on his personality.


Wanting to be someone else is the binding glue of the War Room because it’s a collection of wannabes. People that wannabe rich, people that wannabe good with girls, people that wannabe strong and most importantly people that wannabe correct. These traits are not in themselves negative. Many of the individuals in there have ambition and what they lacked was a direction. Tate was always willing to provide that direction which was simple. Buy his course.


A wannabe is an a mental state that is communicating vulnerability, since anyone secure with themselves wouldn’t wannabe anyone else. Tate more than happily exploits this aspect in people as we will get into later.


Now, Tate would pop into the chat around once a day. He set the tone for what would be discussed and would reply to messages that had been asked (although usually his replies were limited to a few questions). When he did converse it was fairly entertaining and his discussions typically focused on women by the request of the War Room members. And that’s pretty much it. No really. That’s it. The War Room is a glorified chat room, but its purpose is not to be a chat room. It’s used by Tate for one thing.

Preying on the minds of young men who know nothing better than the superficial image Tate presents.

The women, the “Lambos”, the money.

The other basic strike against Tate and the War Room was he did not deliver any of the content that was promised. The promotional videos promise you a weekly video but over the course of 2 months there were a total of 2 videos released. Never an interview with the girls like he promises. Never a one on one Skype call. Never a mutter about the “Money giveaway” Just a group chat of weirdos.

I felt compelled to stick around and observe this behavior, which is why I’m writing this to hopefully help some people realize what they’re doing. So then what is the purpose of the War Room if it isn’t made in order to provide a place for individuals to network? That’s easy it’s used by Tate in order to promote his courses and continue to take people’s money. That is why it was made but also just as important if not more is the effect it all has one everyone which will be discussed shortly.


It’s marketing 101 that people who buy from you one time are more likely to buy from you again. In addition to that, when people pay a large amount of money for something or are invested in a brand they are more likely to overlook any shortcomings that brand may have and delude themselves into believing what they bought was worth the money. If this weren’t the case people wouldn’t defend Apple and other companies with their embarrassing marginally better versions of a phone or laptop each year with a new price increase.


Tate uses the latter two principles in order to get individuals to buy a course in the first place. From there they are invested in him, his brand, and teachings. Eventually, if the marketing works, then they will end up in the War Room ready to be directly sold by Tate on any of his other courses that he feels like discussing.


By the way. Did you know that aside from the War Room there is another chat room only for those who have bought 4 or more courses? That’s the room of the “elite.” I hope the dopamine hit was worth it guys.


Following that first sale as many courses as humanly possible are pushed to extract every last dime from the customer. Everything is set up only to sell you more. This is a key component to the final issue and the one that is the reason for writing this article because it’s not what is being sold its more so how its being sold and the narrative surrounding it. What I mean is that the issue is from the psychological effect Tate’s courses and ideology has on someone’s mindset.

A lot of people on this side of Twitter value the kinds of things from his mindset: belief in yourself, “conquering” your life, getting girls etc. but what happens when you constantly think like this, as most war room members superficially do, is it becomes a very unhealthy, egotistic mindset that leads you to believe you can do absolutely anything and do it without any of the work.


How all the marketing for Tate’s courses are constructed is simple wannabe X like Andrew Tate? Buy this course it tells you EXACTLY what to do. The cycle this sets up of Tate making a person think they can do anything and to learn how to do anything you buy the course that does step by step walk throughs and bam everyone now thinks they’re G. Congratulations.

There were many people in there who were totally, and utterly delusional in their beliefs in themselves.

And here’s where it becomes ugly.

When Tate has you believing you can do anything, you’re then heavily enticed by the war room because the man that preaches these principles is there for you to talk to (why do you think his DMs are open? It’s so he can sell you his course directly. He prods you with what you’re looking for then sells you the bridge). He promised you you will become rich, but you have to get the webcam course. He promises you you will get the girls, but you have to have his girls course, he promises you you will be liked and trusted, but you have to get the body language course. His mindset installation is a slow process of manipulation to keep you as a member of his group.

Do you see how this could be potentially damaging? Not only does he have you believing you can do anything, but since he is the one teaching it, you follow his every advice. You take it without thinking of what’s wrong with it. Slowly and slowly, the cognitive dissonance grows as he continually poisons their minds.


People were throwing money at Tate who couldn’t even afford to pay rent. I saw one guy say he still lives with his parents still and he was waiting for his next paycheck to buy one of his courses. I saw another dropout of college when he only needed 1 more class to graduate because he was convinced he didn’t need it. I saw people go from a person with morals and a conscience to someone who acts like the persona Tate dangerously gives off. One without conscience, or regard for anyone except themselves. Saddening to say the least.

If you haven’t came to the conclusion on your own, the war room is a full fledged CULT (go do some BASIC research on what a cult is and you’ll be amazed). Everyone in there has a master, and it’s Tate. They all stick around and pretend like they’re getting their money’s worth, but really they sit around and talk about girls all day and ask for what to text next in their conversations. Little do they realize Tate is honing his skills of pimping onto the War Room members as well. If you are in the war room and you’re reading this: you are being pimped out.


Think about what he teaches with girls. Attention is a weapon. When you DO give attention, make it good and entertaining. Make it to where you give him your undivided attention and do as he says. Allow your attention to cloud your judgement and do things you’d never thought you’d do. You’re probably starting to put the dots together now huh?

Overall, it is EXTREMELY dangerous to think like Tate, you can easily be brainwashed and start behaving in a way that isn’t you.

All Tate wants is your money. He gives absolutely no fucks about anyone in the war room or his customers. He just wants money, that’s it.

He doesn’t want girls, he wants to sell them.

He doesn’t want war room members, he wants that monthly income.

Tate is a master scam artist (he’s a pimp for fuck sake)

Step back and think about this man now. Reasonably. If he was pimping women, with no remorse, do you think he wouldn’t do the same to you?


If you’re a war room member reading this stop lying to yourself.


What have you accomplished since joining? Other than over-analyzing your interactions with women and thinking you’re a G?


Nothing. A loss of money.


Wake the fuck up and move on with your life. No man would teach his sons anything like pimping girls they love. No man cares selfishly for only himself for only money. No man at all.

Build your own set of ideals and the life you want. For you. Not for anyone else or in anyone else’s name.


By now, if the spell Tate has on you is still there, and you deny all of this, best of luck to you. I tried my best.

I hope this gives you some insight. Just like the Bitcoin craze, there are people who sacrifice large margins of their lives, young people who are naive and know no better, than what a seemingly wise and “well put together” individual has to offer.

With promises and delusions of grandeur, the story shines past the mechanics, and preys on the minds of many.

It is important to have a counter voice.

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  1. Thanks for writing this, T&M. Tate’s been bombarding my inbox with offers to buy a subscription to the War Room almost every day lately. I nearly decided to get in today, but then I figured, ‘why not see if anyone’s written a review yet… that’s NOT on his site?’ and here we go. the way you put it, I’m honestly not surprised he’s running it like a massive funnel. Not going to lie, I still find myself nodding along to a lot of what he posts, but I also can’t ignore my gut feeling that this guy really is just… a scammer. Everyone wants to pull a Tai Lopez or Grant Cardone and lead these droves of young guys who are smart enough to recognize that we’ve been sold a crock of shit by our teachers and middle class upbringing, yet desperate enough to fork over our hard-earned cash to ‘gurus’ that claim that our purchase of their course or coaching ‘makes no difference to them’.

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