0 to 10k in 1 month. Bulletproof system.


You want to go from 0 to 10k in 1 month.

That is of course why you clicked on this article.

Well let’s get into it.

No bullshitting. If you can follow this system to the tee — you will make 10k in a month.


Even more.

Now — this will take a ton of work. Did you expect it not to take a ton of work?

You’re going from 0 to 10k in a month.

Of course it will take a ton of work…


Don’t you think a nice 10k in your bank account would be worth it?

Not to mention… what is to come in the months after this income initiation?

So let’s start.

First things first – you will need:

Learn the basics of money generation.

You have to start thinking very differently about:

  1. Approaching How to Get Money
  2. Approaching How to Keep Money Flowing Towards you
  3. Behaviors and Outcomes

So with that being said, I will present you with the most basic form of money making… which is the formula every single business uses to generate money.

Are you ready? — It’s as follows.

Traffic –> Offer –> Close –> Transfer Money

So — there is some important mindset shifts we need to take here, in order to build a strong, clear, methodology of approaching the acquisition of cash… which is.

All money comes from another person’s wallet, into your wallet — i.e. if you do not ask for someone to give you money, money will not magically come into your pocket.

There’s no magic method to getting money, there’s no attraction of cash that appears out of no where.

Now while those laws do have a bearing on your ability to earn money… the most important thing is this.

Money comes from another bank account, another wallet, another “hole in the ground”, from someone else’s mattress holdings.

Into yours.

That’s just how it works — so in that formula we covered above, one of the most important items there is Transferring Money. It is the part where you get paid.

And as we will cover, people typically like it when you transfer money from their pocket, into your pocket, for a exchange of some sort of value to them — and if you are savvy about salesmanship you might have heard of the “AIDA” model of sales, which means Attention –> Interest –> Desire –> Action — which is primarily built on the principle of value — which is based on perception — hence why sales works.

And we won’t get too deep into playing around with perception.. (that’s saved for #weaponizedpsychologysystem)

But — now that we’ve got that mindset shift covered, the next one we must accommodate to is…

The “Traffic” portion — which will be attended to within the article — see if you do not have people coming to look at your product, then they will never realize the value as the AIDA model states (and by the way, I have built my own model of sales, which I think is 10x more effective… based on psychological principles — found here.)

If they never put their eyes on your product… on the “value” you offer to them to produce action in them… how do you expect them to ever transfer their money from their wallet into yours?

The answer… you don’t. Because? It won’t happen.

Now… Traffic is important.

But — of course, having a offer is just as important. You show them a offer of something they might potentially find valuable — they will buy.

This is where market research comes in.

You must know your market. Know what makes them tick — for instance in the money twitter space… what makes people tick in money twitter? (Hint… it might be found in the moniker)… Money.

That’s right, people are searching for that “offer” part, (the value part), because there is a market here, in pain to make more money, in fact… the reason why you’re reading this article is probably because that title spoke to you.

Because… you want to make 10k a month.

See how that works?

Traffic –> Offer.

And finally, the close. The action production portion of the formula.

Now — you don’t need to know too much about this part to produce sales. In fact, this is the part that is purely psychological in nature (#weaponizedpsychologysystem).

Just know that as you make it to that mark… this is the time where you will start wanting to focus on nailing that.

But until then… keep it simple. Traffic –> Offer –> Close –> Money Transfer.

Etch those damn words into your brain like a branding iron.

Now… let’s cover the Behavior to Outcome model. (Do not skip this. This is how you are to think further. If you skip this you will miss a huge portion of how rich people are killing it. And you’re not.)

Some people call this “unfair advantage, unfair position”.

Some people call this “High ROI actions”.

In this article we will refer to it as Behaviors that produce Outcomes that are favorable.

So… in this case what does that mean? So with those parables we used before, what they are alluding to is particles of behavior that produce some sort of outcome that aligns to “return on investment” (the “ROI” part) that is significant.

I.E. the “unfair” part (an “unfair return”).

Now… if we are to actually understand this, it is very simple, you behave in a way that produces results.

So, if you are sitting on the couch, doing absolutely nothing… What is the outcome of you sitting on the couch?

If you said “nothing”, you would be 100% correct.

But — if you align your behaviors with a “algorithm” of behavior that “maps” out to you producing 10k…

Then eventually what will happen is… you will produce an outcome of 10k.

It is like this — you add 2 to 2 and that equals 4. Simplified: 2+2=4

But — one must think, you can start with 2, but you need to still add the 2, to equal the 4.

2 + 2 = 4 — but 2 + 0 = 2.

Now, this math is just to set the frame and the stage for this one item — you need to keep doing the behaviors to produce the “4” outcome.

I.e. you must do the behaviors day in, day out, to produce the outcome you desire… which is 10k/month.

With that being said, every time you’re not doing something that maps to 10k/month, let’s say you’re sitting down watching YouTube videos on cats. Guess what outcome that produces? Nothing.

So — always be thinking about what outcome you’re working towards.

Are you adding 2 + 2 to reach the equation of 4?

Or are you just fooling yourself and adding 0 (you watching cat videos).

Keep this in the back of your mind, and focus on this when ever you get off task.

Focus is key — and that is one component built into the Behavior to Outcome model. Focus on what produces outcomes YOU want, not want is fun, because the outcome is most important.

Now — let’s get crystal clear about how do we achieve 10k/month.

First thing’s first — numbers.

You’ve seen this plenty of times on Twitter:

1000 people x 10 dollar product = 10,000 bucks.

100 people x 100 dollar product = 10,000 bucks.

10 people x 1000 dollar product = 10,000 bucks.

Now — that means we need

  1. The traffic to get there
  2. The offer to get to there
  3. The closing portion to get there
  4. The money transfer to get there

So — we need to change our behaviors to achieve this outcome.

Because —

Now… let’s carry on.

Now that we’ve got the mindset, and the clarity portion of this down, we need to focus on the production of value.

Because we can have all the traffic in the world… but if we don’t have a offer to show them. It’s pointless.
So the next section is dedicated to that.

First thing’s first. We need skills… more specifically we need:

1. 4 valuable skills

These skills can include anything. Cooking fast? Sure. Being able to flip things on craigslist? Absolutely. Being able to win arguments? Yes.

The point is, you need something that provides value. And it must provide a ton of value.

4 valuable skills because you will need.

1. For networking (this is to build a relationship with people in your space) (Your “traffic” source)

2. For high ticket sales (this is your bigger sales product. The thing that will bring in the majority of your income) (Your “Offer” part)

3. Low ticket sales (this is the lesser product, that will bring in a nice buffer of income. Would you turn down 1k in addition to your main income?) (Your “Offer” part)

4. The skill that you will give away COMPLETELY for free to everyone. And show them exactly how to do it… for free. (Your “traffic” source)

First things first. People operate on value transactibility. What this means is every relationship you have with people around you, they are purely in relations with you because you provide them value in some way.

Now this is touching a bit into psychology here, but understand that if you were to talk about yourself solely to your friends.

Just hold that picture in your mind for a second. You will not have friends anymore soon.

People don’t like a value hog… infact you will see this in any domain of human endeavor. If someone feels “jipped” every single event they have with you, in terms of value, eventually the person will not communicate with you anymore.


Eventually the person will no longer be your friend.

See — the reason why this is important is due to the fact that you must understand this principle in order to make 10k quickly.

You understand this basic principle of human behavior, and you will win. You dont even need the #weaponizedpsychologysystem which shows you how to alter the way someone perceives value, to make it even more efficient in terms of your provisions of value.

You dont need psychology (though it can be used heavily in your favor to leverage your value).

All you need is to know that.

See — at the route of this entire business strategy, operates on that one principle.

You’ll see.

Let’s go further.


Step 2.

Get on every social media.



Facebook. (Groups in your niche as of early 2019)



All of them. Get on them, and start sniffing your market. Search everything you can in your market.

And do not miss this next step. Direct message all the low to mid grade influencers, and do not ask for anything.

Lead with providing value the entire time.

You know how you and your friends have a great time, and if you keep asking your friends questions, making them feel good because they are talking about themselves?

Do this – but with these influencers.

Ask them questions, get to know them, see what you can do for them. Utilize that one skill you picked to build tremendous value for them.

See another key tip human behavior is, there might as well be a “balance” in terms of value provision to value taken. Consider this an addition to the first item we talked on.

Consider that every time you “tip your side of the bucket of value” – a human naturally has a aspect to them that keeps that talley in their mind. Once again, you dont need the #weaponizedpsychologysystem to be able to understand this and manipulate the way perceptions and perspectives are formed in this system.

You can keep it purely at bay as what it is. Leveraging the basics.

But if you keep on tipping the scale, eventually the person will feel a tug on their subconscious, and want to “return the favor”.

Especially the influencers, because… they know the value of reciprocity.

A key part of human behavior.

So once again.

You want to start networking asap.

Go on peoples live videos, engage their audience for them. Build them up. If you are a student of #weaponizedpsychologysystem – use the power tools found within to “program” them in your favor.

Why do you ask?

Well… these people are going to be crucial to elevating your traffic and exposure.


Elevating it fast.

How else do you think you’re going to hit 10k?

Now. Once you’ve understood that.

Let’s proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Give away some MASSIVE slices of value on social media.


4 skills, 1 for network, 1 for audience.

Give away the goods. Sell them on the power of this skill.

Make sure this skill is powerful.

People need to say, “hell he is giving this away for free.

Remember the reciprocity principle we covered before? (And if you utilize #weaponizedpsychologysystem utilize the programming system to alter their perceptions to leverage the value you give away at a even more powerful principle).

Your audience should be in love with your content.

You need 2 things for the next play.

1. A strong network (created via networking and provision of value)

2. A strong audience (created via provision of MASSIVE value)

3. Bonus third – if you understand psychology, utilize pains pleasures, and alteration of behaviors (as covered in #weaponizedpsychologysystem)

Once you have done this…

Repeat repeat repeat.

Remember — (as covered in the article on power Twitter growth) — social media is just people talking to people.

You need to be the most popular kid in the room.

And people should love you so much that when you drop your product… they will buy.

Step 4

Tell stories.

You have to tell powerful stories. Consider this a secret high value tip from #weaponizedpsychologysystem (covered in the narratives module.. in the $530 dollar course) — peoples entire means of understanding the world might as well be through a giant story.

Understand this, and tell stories, and you can hack into and analogue along the means by which humans understand the world.

Folks, dont you think that alone is action packed in value?

So. You must tell stories that resonate strongly. Let’s do a quick case study.

Andrew Tate, a man that came on twitter for only 2 weeks, powerhoused growth with just this one method alone that boosted his growth from around 3k following on Twitter. To over 7k in a matter of days.

The power of stories is unparalleled.


If you want to make 10k in a month. You must 100% utilize the power of stories.

Here is a picture of the post here.

Hook – line – and sinker.

And you don’t have to be necessarily “good” at stories.

Just tell them.

All the time.

Next up.

Step 5

Repeat repeat repeat.

And allude to your drop.

Set a date that you will drop a powerful product using the skills you know, and build it.

Folks I told you this would be hard work. Every day you will be working to get this up — but remember. 0 to 10 thousand dollars. 10 thousand dollars in your bank account, and… probably even more as the days roll on.

So, build 2 products. One priced higher range (what ever youd like. Above 100 bucks preferrably).

And one at the low range (at around 25 to 50 range).

Build them.

Make them magnificent.

And start slipping the idea to your network that you will be doing a release, and if they would like to affiliate with you.

Provide them with a healthy comission — remember human behavior reciprocity.

Provide provide provide.

And then lastly…

Step 6

Release the products, and have your network promote it.

Drop the products and start having the cash roll in.

Promote like hell, but keep the main line of content rolling through.

And this does have to be an information product.

It can be a watch.

Or a toolkit with a info product attached to it.

The main point is, you want to pull on the reciprocation, as well as the value you’ve build.

Those whove taken #weaponizedpsychologysystem know what I’m talking about here.

If done properly, this should take about a month.

You have 24 hrs in a day and 28 to 31 days in a month.

Once executed — this should be seamless, painless, and everyone should love you.


Because you’re popular.

Now — go forth and make 10k!


This system is designed to get you traffic via building a network.

Build a network, to get traffic to your social media posts, and your products.

And if you want to make this process efficient, and clear… i.e. be able to make your niche love you more, and learn how to get into their minds, and build value even more so… there is always the #weaponizedpsychologysystem available.

A product one said, “he feels like hes editing reality with”.

Not my words!

As well as some other kind words about the course!

Found here: #weaponizedpsychologysystem

And if that is too much, but you are interested in the opposite sex, as well as using psychology to your advantage there.

There is always the #datingwithclarity book.

A small value packed ebook, which many people have been getting extremely powerful results with.

Saving entire relationships, from the information found within the book.

Found here: #DatingWithClarity

Thank you for being apart of the community.

And as always.

Welcome to T&M.

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