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Mental “enlightenment”.

Real Estate.





These structures of our reality that guide and analogue our behaviors to the point where there is a palpable response to us adhering to these structures.

To the point where there is a physiological reaction to the way we operate in sync with these structures, as if they were physical walls that are right in front of us, guiding us along the path forward.

But — have you ever stopped and looked around and wondered why? Have you ever stopped and considered that although these things are very real to “us”… they aren’t real at all?

They are just stories, just pieces of content that are attached to meanings within our mind?

Consider this idea…

That *everything* is intangible that dictates our behavior.

Everything around you, your relationship with your parents, how you value your house, how you value the insights you gain on twitter etc etc.

From the idea that we want the big 8,000 sqft house, to the feeling of anxiety we feel when that gorgeous woman or man we are desiring strongly… doesn’t text back.

Everything is essentially a “brand” in our minds.

Everything — from the stock market stocks — fluctuating in “value” that we attribute to it, based on the *story* and the meanings we align to the concept of that “thing” — to the way that you view your the words on this website.

It is all an intangible.

Now — the important part about this is… in business, there is never really a “tangibles” portion of your line items. Never really a part of your business that you can attribute as a “physical portion” of your business… because — all is found in the way we view things.

There is never really a physical valuation to your business, assets, or even cash flow. Selling at a 4x multiple for your business is purely because of the value you and your prospective associate in the transaction *agreed* upon — i.e. the agreement of value of the “brand” in both of your heads.

And this permeates to nearly *every* aspect of business. Even down to the amortization of the trucks you use for your logistics — these items of concept of the value of the company are purely on the basis of what value we attribute to them… in our mind.

So — you must understand…

Everything is in tangible.


Have you ever noticed that a speed limit — a arbitrary concept inside someone’s mind, or a movie showing associations to a “bump in the night” can produce a alteration of a behavior *so* strong that people will completely align to the idea of a “safe transition” in relation to a concept *PURELY* in their mind?

This brings us to the final point.


It is *the* most important part of a business. Now the word psychology means a lot of things, but in this case, the word psychology is in reference to the manner by which we associate things within our mind.

The meaning structure of our mind in terms of the way we think about the real world.

Now this is stolen a bit from the course #WeaponizedPsychologySystem but — it is an important distinction to make.

Just as a movie can make a person sweat and heart race… a piece of copy can make someone salivate… or a future that is playing out in someone’s head make them anxious.

These apply all to business as well.

Your business is not tangible in any factor. None of it. Not even the trucks you have outside. They are all mental property pieces inside of our head.

Now — the action of a truck out for delivery is a physical aspect of reality… but the fact that it is a process, as well as a *necessary* process for fulfillment of a product that someone finds valuable.

Purely intangible.

Hence why Psychology is extremely important.

Because — if you can control the way someone views your business, the frame by which they view it…

As well as the value they attribute to your business.

Puts power into YOUR hands — to control their behaviors…

If you can change the way someone looks at something, you can change the way they behave in regards to something.

Think of the mind as a painting canvas, and psychology provides you the ability to paint, just as a painter requires the tools such as a paintbrush and a assortment of colors to paint what they desire…

To reach the end goal they desire.

Psychology is key, as everything is an intangible.

That is the message today.

And if you are actually interested in this idea, and you see there is value to it, the #WeaponizedPsychologySystem is for you.

Welcome to T&M.

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  1. This is the most enlightening article I have ever read. Unlimited value for every aspect of life.
    I bet if you offered normies the choice between this knowledge or 100k they would take the cash every time.

    Much appreciated T&M

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