Why there’s a huge difference between a Rich Guy and a Poor Guy (Typically Speaking)


“Elite” – Top of the food chain.

Etc etc etc etc.

Words commonly used to define a typical man (or woman) of income that exceeds a certain level – in the U.S. this level is 440k per year – puts you solidly in the top 1% of earners across the nation of the U.S. – which is definitely in the world’s “richest country” spot.

Now – if you want to talk even bigger than that – of course the income levels are significantly differentiated – and thus the tier of man is different in it’s principle.

And the reason why this is brought up is because income isn’t the only tell of a “elitist” type of individual – it is also the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they behave, the way they speak, the way they can understand things.

The crux of this is…

Rich people are different than you (typically speaking) – and the idea that they are the “same” is just a facade – they *portray* themselves as the same as you – why?

To create a smooth interaction – would a physicist break out full jargon on a layperson?

The metaphor applies – would a rich person apply full jargon to a person or a audience of lay?

The fact of the matter is – most regular people love:

– Platitudes

– Quotes

– Simplistic “Analysis”

– Extremely Unrespected Understanding of Concepts

So what does this mean exactly?

“Just Do it” — layperson will jive with it.

( Hint – why do you think Tai Lopez always says useless platitudes in his pitches and “shows”? 🙂 )

Analysis of the behaviors of demographic and why exactly they jive with it – and the iterations of content that pulls on the same strings to make a conducive item where people who jive with “Just Do It” — Jive with what you produce

– Rich Person jives with it.

Imagine this – you say to a dude whose been playing basketball professionally (at a very high level) for 8 years – you know what xyz person said – “Iron sharps iron – man sharpens man”

He’d look at you silly – why? It doesn’t mean *ANYTHING* – just a loosely related item – now – you say – cut at xyz point, get your head in position, as your body aligns better for weight distribution for the shot – and once you have a settled spot – take the shot.

Breaking down the specifics – getting *clear* about the path forward and the mechanics of the path.

So – what’s the point here…

The difference is bringing it back to our example here is… – rich people understand – and think deeply about these things – *typically* – because they *have* to – they have to understand everything about a item that they are specialized it.

This is the reason why they earn more, and are seen as “lucky” – because they rarely if ever expose their hand to people of lay – why?

They’ll just offer the platitude – move on – and the layperson will never see his hand… because:

– He’s probably never been exposed to that thinking

– He’s probably not aware of any of it

– He’s used to the typical high performance guys saying platitudes for effect

And the reason why is simple…

If rich dude X were ever to expose their hand – the layperson would zone out – just nod glaringly without truly understanding or even inputting anything… – andddd the conversation dies. Moot point – consider the relationship dead after that – because the regular person will see the rich dude as a “smart ass” – or some other emotional reaction.


Outside the bounds of this article – but something to do with lack of self love – and emotions.

See – rich people *actually* think about things – they analyze – they *have to* – because if they don’t fully understand things – if they aren’t *CRYSTAL* clear about their business – then they are simply shooting a gun in the dark – and that equates to significantly less earning power.

Imagine if you didn’t have a crystal clear sight picture

As well as a reliable understanding that if you place your rear sight aperture in a particular alignment to your front post aperture…

This would give you a reliable shot grouping that allows you to shoot accurately, predictably, and quickly – always. That is why a rich person *must* understand things with extreme clarity – because *without* extreme clarity – nothing is predictable – and that… is dangerous.

(And funnily enough… the exact reason why I built #weaponizedpsychologysystem and marketed it for that purpose – high clarity – and awareness.)

And notice – you probably had no idea what I’m talking about – if you’ve never had experience with a weapon/gun before – that is the difference – the “tell” per say – a person of competence – is *forced* to understand deeply his or her field – vs a person of lack thereof.

It’s just – typically speaking… for the rich fella – if he’s dealing with people 24/7… and typically speaking if they are rich – they are... – they are some what competent with human behavior – to the point where they can discuss it comfortably – and have awareness on it far above most people.

This is just the way “competency” manifests – as a deep understanding through verbalization… and by action.

Now with a rich person – typically speaking if they earned their earning via people (sales, marketing, etc) – they understand the backend behind the “platitudes” – behind the reason why “Just Do It” is a great catch line – the reasonings why particular copy works, and why other pieces of copy don’t.

Because… – it is their method of reaching riches – they *have to* – just like a basketball player *has to* understand precisely how his foot work and dribbling coincides with the ball.

There’s no emotional aspect to it – there’s no ego as to being upset with why someone said something more so – they just recognize it – tune their game – and move forward accordingly.

Same with rich people – they spend their time metering their understanding of people – and they aren’t emotional about it – they know exactly what they have to do to produce 10 thousand dollars at any moment – and will speak exactly as to how they think it can happen.

I.e. – they produce a “delivery system” to produce a desired behavior.

Hence – this formula – and of course – this is primarily concerned with value propositions that are centered around *people*.

And it’s just like that.

To summarize – in a “quote” for you folks that don’t like to read – rich people just understand more things than you – and they know how to talk about it at a very “deep” level – but rarely do with lay people.

Why? Because it’s never worth it – just due to the emotions that a typical regular person will express.

It’s always resentment: For doing better than them

It’s always anger: For saying something they don’t understand

It’s always anger: For “sounding like a smartass

What ever it may be – this is always going to be the case – and that’s why the two classes will never mesh.

Rich people typically don’t enjoy platitudes or quotes, and the regular people love them – because they are extremely emotional.

No logic behind their actions – no mapping out of the behavior – no thought outside of what’s for lunch – or “the weekend!”

Where as rich people are forced to think in logic and forced to understand – and of course the differences don’t end there.

And – if you’re interested in some cheap clarity – the T&M way – the book on dating of course is here – something a few people have claimed – “material that can probably save a marriage”.

Don’t believe these words – take it straight from the source.

The book: #DatingWithClarity

And of course – the #WeaponizedPsychologySystem – I think a course that at this point – needs no introduction.

A course on how to produce a desired behavior in someone.

That behavior could be:

– A Sale

– A Follow

– A Eventual Courted Lady/Man

– Whatever you’d like


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