Sales, Marketing, Branding, Dating, Public Speaking… Psychology

Sales – Copy writing – Marketing – Branding – Psychology.

Words that are the fundamental pieces to any business… that is interested in staying in business.

You want the deal…?

You sell them –

I.E. – you build a pitch that resonates with them in a way to turn them from a “prospect” into money in your pocket… and, them into a happy satisfied customer.

You want to build a strong process to turn them from a prospect to a potential closed deal?

You market to them – solve for X – find a way to get in front of them, and show them something that resonates with them… in *regards* to your value proposition…

And.. – Copy writing is just the next step down in regards to this process – building a offer based on the data gained from the marketing efforts.

Etc – Etc – and the same goes for branding – but of course it is a bit different.


If we were to talk about dating – it turns out… it is the same thing.

We are finding a person who we’d like to qualify to become our significant other (marketing) – in regards to their behaviors..


(Selling) building experiences that resonate with them well enough to where…. they will want to spend their time with you more.
And finally… the public speaking – putting together experiences that resonate with your audience, and building a message behind it.

And the point of this article is to show you these are all the same thing – in a word that get’s thrown around as a platitude.


It is more “applicable” – as the label for the entire process.

See IF your desire is to make money – if you’re attempting to make a sizable amount of money, there will be a point in time once you reach a certain degree of competency – a degree of “comfortableness”… to realize this one point –

These are *all* the same thing – and they are all “parts” of the puzzle – i.e. you “market” – to build a better pitch for your:

– Sales Process
– Copywriting Letters
– “Dating Offer”
– Tactics for Branding

They are all the same thing – rather they aren’t singular pieces… but part to a whole – i.e. you:

– Market
– Build a Pitch
– Sell through the Pitch

So the marketing to sales equation – the “traffic to offer” formula – and the reason why this is brought up because – these are pieces to the whole that make applied consumer psychology.

See – let’s dismantle all these pieces.

What you’re actually doing when you’re attempting to “piece apart a niche” – is figuring out the behaviors that coincide with your offer… and based on those behaviors you build a pitch that works to it.

Same thing for dating.

Same thing for Branding – though this is a little differently.

But one point stands.

It is all applied psychology.

Now – why is this an important distinction to make…? In business we must get crystal clear about everything.

See – there’s a reason why Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger – two businessmen the American Business Community hail as “luminaries of business” – meaning they are looked to in the utmost respect due to their decisions and judgement.

And… you’re able to see it in the little clues they leave… how Munger talks about “cognitive biases” – how Buffett invests into candy and soft drink companies… due to the chemical dependencies they produce on the other side.

How he says, “I invest into companies that can be ran by idiots.”

What they both are alluding to within their decision making process is the psychology of the value proposition behind the company.

I.e. “making a offer so good you *can’t* refuse… or…

In chess “checking” the king, and forcing your opponent to move their king.

Or in #WeaponizedPsychologySystem – Producing a Desired Behavior.


I.e. with the candy and soft drink companies, how they build a iterated pathway within the brain’s circuity that “mimicks” certain necessary substances to human bodily function…

And acts as a psuedo-“filler” to these substances.

Now – this is a bunch of words to say… the primary value proposition behind these companies is pure applied psychology to produce a irresistible… or near irresistible offer to humans.

Checking the King.

Producing the Desired Behavior.

And you guessed it…

All Based on Psychological Principles. 

Now – what does this have to do with you?

Businessmen’s best kept secret is deep study in psychology – to the point where they can hack human behavior down to a “tee”.

Just like a chess player can break down the moves necessary to force you to move your king into… finally the check mate.

For instance, have you ever noticed that most of business is somewhat murky?

Unclear… confusing.

Imagine playing chess against a world class chess player – who knows exactly how to checkmate you.

And… you don’t even know how to move your pawn forward.

That is how most of business is done – no one understands truly how to do business.

How to move forward – how to project out – how to make each move that progresses towards your intended goal.

Well – you could do all of the principles of business, have a great sales process, have a great marketing process, have a great branding process.

And – this even extends to dating…

You could have a great “process” to everything – to the point where you feel confident about the entire system.

You feel solid about the copy.


There’s still no clarity.

It’s still murky.

You know exactly – what I’m talking about.

There’s still no way to build a concrete way to approach the judgement of your business decision making.

And… you can be damned sure that the people at the top have deep clarity, to the point where they can strongly gauge exactly how to build something – to make it a strong success.

For instance – there is a startling statistic in regards to salespeople that around 50% of
sales are made after the 2nd phone call, or encounter.

Have you ever wondered why… and how this could even happen?

Put yourself in their shoes – a professional salesperson – a staggering 50% of the sales force.

Completely missing out on closing deals per the statistics…

All because… they didn’t “follow up.”


The reason why is because lack of clarity.

Imagine this – if you knew in a chess game, after you make a move, the next move would yield a “win” – a “checkmate” – or a “closed deal”.

Would you skip out on it… and not make the next move after the initial move?

Now – I understand this is a abstract idea – but think.

The awareness is the differentiating factor between you making the deal – and not making the call.

If you called them in the first place… why wouldn’t you call them in the second place… to close the deal?

Now – there are many things at play… but this is what comes with learning a new field of understand the world.

Physics taught you a different scope of looking at the world… just as Psychology does.

And – in regards to business – it’s the difference between having complete lack of clarity, and “feeling” this is right, as well as taking shots in the dark about how to put together your:

  • Ads…
  • Offers…
  • Pitches

And knowing… exactly how to go about your sales process – down to a tee.

Now – if you followed the traditional sales thinking – to where they build models, this would be a mystery – because they don’t teach the core principles of psychology – that provide the “moves” to reach the checkmate.

( FYI – this is precisely why I reference chess in #WeaponizedPsychologySystem so often – it is a key metaphor for all business. It puts into perspective the ability to “produce a desired behavior” on the basis of a “check” – i.e. you have the king in threat… and on the basis of the king being under threat – you “force a behavior…” – or… “force a move” )


But… if you understood psychology – it would make perfect sense due to the fact that sales is simply applied psychology.

It works like this – when you have a whole circle, and you divide it into parts, you will notice that there is subtle unique parts to each of the pieces you divided the circle into…

But – if you only understand one of the pieces of the circle… you’ll never fully “get it”.

Hence – you’ll struggle, because you’re missing the other parts… due to the fact that you’re dead set on focusing on the single circle.

Now – what does this have to do with business? Well – there’s the tried and true method… Traffic -> Offer.

Which is built on the “pieces” of the circle – i.e. Marketing to determine where, and how to get your traffic, as well as how to piece together a offer, sales/copy writing to build the proper offer in relation to the marketing ( and notice – “in relation” ) and branding to build desire when they are not being sold.

But – if you don’t understand the psychology… the “backend” of all these applications – none of it will ever make sense to you – it will always be “murky”.

If you’re a salesman, you’ll have a tough time piecing together the fact that people in a particular market are the ones you should be building a offer to… and especially have a tougher time considering that you must build your offer *in relation* to what they do – i.e. the market research.

If you’re a marketer, it will be tough for you to think that a person might need a strong push to alter their behaviors to make a purchasing decision – i.e. “closing them”.

And… us being the business folks who are aware of these two, hindsight being 20/20 – we have the benefit of this article showing us this fact.

But… this is a struggle that many people across many businesses go through.

And… perhaps even You.

Hence why it is of utmost importance to become hyper clear about psychology.

Because – it supersedes all of the “disciplines” of making money.

It supersedes:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales
  • Dating
  • Company Culture

Because – all of these disciplines are simply subsections of psychology – that *do not* account for the whole.

The final point is this.

If you have aspirations to become successful in business – learning psychology deeply is paramount.

It is the item that provides clarity – so you know exactly how to move forward.

No more unnecessarily missed sales – no more alienation of entire portions of your customer base.

Even to the point where you can learn exactly how to create a strong and fulfilling relationship with your significant other.


This is exactly why I built the #WeaponizedPsychologySystem and the #DatingWithClarity Courses and Book respectively. Clarity is important in business. Even more important than results… why?

Because clarity leads to a way for you to project a path forward without needing any help, needing any books, or needing any outside intervention. Clarity provides you the exact judgement for you to utilize to know the way forward.

Let me ask you, how valuable would knowing exactly how to go about a business proposition, or a dating proposition be to you?

Knowing *exactly* where you stand with your market, target audience, or even… significant other.

Based on psychological principles you learned?

Would that be valuable to you?

Do you see yourself being able to achieve results… by knowing exactly the path towards results?

That’s the purpose of #WeaponizedPsychologySystem and #DatingWithClarity.

Not to promise results – but to promise clarity.

Results can never be promised – they are up to you, and how much action must be taken.

But… awareness is something guaranteed.

And… any successful entrepreneur knows the value of awareness – *any* one.

Understand Psychology – and you know exactly the path forward, and exactly what you need to do to get there.

$280 Weaponized Psychology System


$17 Dating With Clarity


And finally – I do offer a email list now – sign up to receive offers as well as information that I won’t release here… or on twitter.

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