How Predicting Human Behavior is Tougher than Predicting the Path of a Rocket

A bold title of course.

But would it be any other way?

It is after all the T&M way.

Let’s get into it.

Understand that to predict anything you must have a few things:

1. Awareness of all the variables
2. Awareness of the method that these variables operate under-
– Understand that you might have a “variable” – let’s say gravity: the variable for “earth’s” gravity is 9.8^2 m/s – but this variable alone yields little value… unless you place it in a operational method – i.e. the idea of acceleration vs other forces at work.

In this case, if we were to drop you from the sky, the means of calculating how you are distributing your energy would be – you “move” air out of the way, up and until a *certain* point, where your energy can not move any more air at the velocity it is moving it out of the way.

And thus, this mixed with the altitude you are at, as well as the *GRAVITY* acceleration – we can predict how fast you will go per the altitude you are at, from the altitude you start from.

And understand… how fast you will be going at the minute you hit the ground.

This is basically the 2 things we need to understand.

Awareness of variables (this is tough as is).

Awareness of the method that these variables operate under.

Rocket Science


Now – in rocket science – we must figure out the variable of a ton of things…

1. Variables of intra-atmospheric flight vs weights vs thrust ratios vs integrity of structure.

And of course a number of other things.

2. Variables of extra-atmospheric flight vs weights vs thrust ratios vs integrity of structure.

This is what makes rocket science extremely difficult to do.

Because… it’s the fractalization of a massive number of variables that are at work.

  1. Breaking through the atmosphere
  2. Accounting for the gravitation forces of all the celestrial bodies, as well as the main influencing bodies
  3. 6-Dimensional force vectoring in regards to all of these objects, to *move* the object relative to those objects – because… the “orbital” vehicle is operating it’s self in *relation* to all these other objects… due to gravity

Now. Here’s the thing.

These are a large number of variables… but – what about predicting human behavior in regards to a entire populous?

Down to what will become *viral* in x amount of years?

Let’s consider – does the gravitational pull of Saturn change periodically over time?

Or is it a constant x m/s^2?

Psychology/Human Behavior

Does a psychological “imprint” on a culture change over time based on the “editting” of a populous?

Or does it stay a constant?

This is the nature of prediction of entire cultures.

Now – you can *predict* human behavior forward.

But it is very difficult *at this time* to predict a micro behavior of an entire culture… because there is simply far too many variables to account for.

Imagine that – imagine accounting for all the inputs and outputs of the American Cultural System?

Because it is exactly like a rocket, every “idea” that “launches” into orbit, must operate in the “gravity” of all the tiny bodies.


And someone must find the right thrust to weight ratios, as well as the correct “structural integrity” of a “meme” to successfully launch it into orbit.

And… produce “virality”.

But – we can always strive to work it and improve.

For instance, at this time, we have yet to:

  1. Account for all the “variables” within a human behavioral system
  2. Produce a “method” for these variables to operate under – so we can have a predictive mechanism
  3. And the third thing that is relative to humans… account for the degree of “randomness” – or the “free will” humans have, to be able to look at something and simply not … respond.


All in all – if I was to wager, and if you asked for T&M’s opinion.

I’d always say – predicting human behavior is far more difficult than putting a rocket into space – efficiently and effectively.

And if one had that power, they could single handedly become the richest person in the world over night.

This might as well be called the coveted “treasure chest” of gold.


Welcome to T&M.


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