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Let’s get one thing straight – Psychology is a massively important tool.

From the method of the way music alters our state of mind to make us *powerfully* more inclined to make a purchase.

To the facet of how words are crafted, how sentences are crafted, or… how *entire* spaces and environments are crafted.

For one intent – to make you purchase products.

Folks –  these topics, and concepts are just the *tip* of the iceberg.

If you want to make your business efficiency refined, and much more profitable than it currently is… well I can’t think of a *better* way to than making psychology work for your business.

Or… even just little tools to make your employees a little happier – or your prospects *much* more engaged.

Or learn how the world’s most *powerful* brands are able to manipulate you slowly… into turning you into a person who reveres BMW as a high status brand – haven’t you ever wondered why people will risk their entire bank account for a nice BMW?

What ever power level you’d like – wouldn’t you *agree* psychology is a powerful tool?

Well… if that’s the case – this should be a no brainer.  (Well, that is… if you like to wield a secret power very few of the population possess, if not – I completely understand).

If you agree to all the above – sign up for free information on your doorstep (or inbox).


If you want a full course of powerful information, that you can not find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for a *SHARP* edge in business. (Or at the bar/club/or… a party).

If you’re looking for a powerful series of high level bred information to will elevate you… to the next level.

That will provide you a *framework* (that isn’t like other courses just telling you “what to do”).

That gives you the:

  • Tools
  • Methods
  • Frameworks
  • Visual Systems
  • Case Studies and Example of Such

To move your entire awareness of the way psychology effects your business.

To the next level.

Then perhaps this course might be for you.

The #weaponizedpsychologysystem

Or “Weaponized Psychology System”.

Folks, simply put – the course works.

And sells itself.

Even in other environments, that aren’t in the “business” arena (but just as transferrable).


But – just to remind you – this is high level information.

It will take time to digest, and to implement to it’s fullest capabilities.

It will take many upon many times of constant review.

As this gentleman put it.


So – if you’re ready to pull the trigger on this information.

The course is here.

And provides you information on an assortment of things, everything from how to research a niche to the point where you can build a functional psychological profile (like our first gentleman did for his “niche”…


To a framework to make someone perform a desired behavior… you want them to perform.


Simply put, there is a large amount of high level information found within.


You’re ready for it.

Here it is: The Weaponized Psychology System

And I am very aware that this is much.

Many of those who know my work from twitter, know the brand, and know the power of the brand.


brand awareness.png

@impatienbastard being the alias on the Twitter.

So – if you’re new – and this may be far too much for you, start with the email, and with the twitter.

I guarantee…

Which ever option you choose, which ever path you take – you will learn, as the T&M brand is all about development to the highest degree.



value 3.png

As stated before, whichever path you take – will be filled with valuable information to step your game up.

So – without further ado.

Welcome to T&M.

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