The Journey

Consider a story…

You’re at a house party, and you’ve bought along a beautiful woman, who you’ve been seeing for a while – she’s a very fun girl, and you’ve grown a bit accustomed to her.

She’s happily at your side, and you’ve entered the house of your boss, whose so nicely invited you out to the party he’s holding for the holiday season.

He’s the owner of the company you’re working for, as well as the owner a few apartment complexes in the area.

He’s a made man.

And – when your woman comes into contact with him, she smiles just a tiny bit brighter at *his* presence – as well as laughs just a bit more at his jokes.

I’m sure – you’ve all noticed something along these lines.


There’s another way this story plays out.

Depending on your choices.

Here’s the other version:

You arrived at the house of your friend, who, like you, owns a business that is very successful. The difference between you and his net worth, is negligible. You and him joke about the marginal differences between your net worths.

Both of you have a significant presence in the community.

Tonight, you’re joined with a few friends, and a few women. One of them, you happen to call your girlfriend, but any of them would be happy to be named as such.

As your entourage merges with the current group at the party, it is seamless, and you and your fellow wealthy friend smile and wink at each other – as if there is a unspoken bond by tribulation of the journey to this point.

You are a made man – and instead of working for him… you work alongside him, in partnership, instead of employment.

Now – perhaps this story may seem a bit trivial to you, but I want you to focus on something.

The outcome. It is a very *realistic* scenario.

And before we continue, I want you to briefly make a recognition – which is the better position to be in?

And… which man would¬†you rather be?


This article isn’t going to stroke your ego, or is it purposed to “make you feel good”.

The *sole* purpose of this article, is to bring something to your awareness.

This Journey isn’t something that happens overnight – and it happens with a lot of *hard work*.

Folks, this is to prepare you.

This is to show you.

The process is a journey that involves many long hours, many late nights… and many times where you will have to forgo the fun night out, for the long night in.

Looking at countless lines of text from strangers you’ve never met, from all around the world, to *decipher*.

Why the hell do they like this product?

And… more importantly, to find your *angle* into their mind – so you can sell them a product.

And folks – this is a process that spans many many many long nights – many early mornings.

Many all nighters.

And you have to always constantly remind yourself – who would you rather be – the employer…


The employee?

See – the journey never stops.

You must always be *constantly* striving to get better.

Constantly striving to increase the margins.

Constantly looking to make a better deal, or gain more traffic… for less money.

Folks – this is the reality of this journey – and… you must be a self starter.

You *MUST* make the decision every day – that you *DO NOT* want to be the employee.

You must recognize the value of each situation, and take action towards it.

And… I tell you this for the sole reason.

To disqualify you if it’s not for you…


To motivate you, if you value:

  • Freedom
  • Your Ownership over Your Life
  • Control over your Environment

Because… It will be a long road.

It will be a tough road.

And there will be many dead ends… that call for you to turn your car around, restart, and start from the very beginning.

Does that sound… not so encouraging?

Well… folks – who would you rather be?

The employer… or the employee?

It will be a lonely path.

Understand that thought.

And finally, if you value clarity in business, if you value a method to move a little bit faster, with a little bit of a edge… as well as a lot of psychological knowledge to back each and every move.

Consider the course: Weaponized Psychology System

If the course is a bit much for you right now…

I’ve got something that is free… but I *think* will be just as effective.

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