Imagine you’re on the sales floor of a dealership…

Imagine you’ve landed a job at one of the most prestigious positions in your city…

And not just any dealership – a Ferrari dealership.


You have 1 task – sell as many Ferraris as you can in 1 month period.

To keep the business afloat.


Here’s the catch –  no brand – no marketing – and your entire niche that would’ve been interested in your vehicle, has no sense of any value of that type of vehicle – because?

There is no established brand footprint.

So… here’s the gist – this type of vehicle (luxury sports car) *never* existed before this point in time – and you have to justify the cost of a 300 thousand dollar car, to a man who earned every cent of his money.

With no primers.

And- by the way, sell this car all in *one* shot.


Now – I’m sure you’re saying – “EASY!” But – let me remind you, if your market has *never* seen a car like this… and has no sense of prior value… is it really that easy?

Now… Another footing…

Lets imagine you’re trying to sell a Rolex for 100 thousand dollars, when there was never a Rolex or… a watch brand before hand that provided some form of awareness to your market for your market to make sense of the product?


master 2.jpg


Folks – I’m asking you to sell this watch for 400 thousand dollars (a Master 2) to your market.

With no prior awareness, no marketing, no copywriting, just… you finding wealthy men, and pitching them to provide 400 thousand dollars in exchange for this *supposedly* luxurious watch.

Folks – if you are thinking, “this might be a bit tough”, I’d be inclined to agree – and well… if you think this is easy, well you might be a very talented salesperson.

But the point this makes is a very clear one.

Positioning matters.

It matters *a lot*.

It is the difference between pulling on a culturally recognized high value item (Ferrari, Rolex).

And attempting to build an entire cascade of value – on the spot.

Consider knocking on the door of your prospects house, explaining to them “why” a product would be so valuable… without James Bond walking out of a Ferrari, without the pictures of the models in Paris wearing the watch… with the beautiful women on their shoulders…

One requires a ton of talking up front, a ton of “copy” to justify the sale.

The other…

A simple few sentences, “Haven’t you ever seen other respectable men across the boardroom, donning this watch? Sir – this watch is a sign of prestige, it is an indication of tastes, refinement… and status. And – you already know this.”

Would you consider that this statement alone would make a difference?

The mere fact that you are able to even say such a statement… Do you think that plays a massive part in the process of reaching the close?

Now – how is this practical – how does this stay relevant to you.

How does this bring awareness to positioning… in regards to you.

Well folks, when you are copywriting with a product you’ve never exposed to the word with a “brand” before – when you are knocking on a door with a product that a community hasn’t been shown a product before… when you are having a interview with a product your *client*….

Has *never* seen before…

Folks – this is like attempting to rewire an entire car’s wiring structure – in 5 minutes.

Have you noticed how you might have a ton of resistance attempting to sell a product?

Have you ever noticed you might get the door slammed in your face a lot?

Or… you have to write a *long* sales page just to *justify* and build an entire database of knowledge within your prospects mind… just to get them to *consider* the purchase?

See… folks..

When you are forcing the sale upfront – you are putting a massive amount of strain on the entire relationship.

Especially if you are selling a luxury item.

Have you noticed that your sales come mostly from the re-targeting.. from the “look-a-like” audience?

Have you ever wondered why?

Folks – humans are binary creatures – and it just so happens to be – that humans are creatures that require “lines of code” (associations) formed… before they can fully realize something.

Consider the difference:




Which feels forced, and which imprints a concept into your head?


Positioning – it always matters.

It doesn’t matter how good your copywriting is, how well you’ve taken the shot, or how well your product is looking.

Positioning determines the conception of the demand, it determines the conception of the words and their weight.

It determines *everything*.

So – next time you’re writing a long form copy piece – or you might be praising the efforts of the “greatest” copywriters.

Consider something.

What is the actual position of the product.

Because… one should always understand – the context is *far* more important than any sales pitch.

The context makes the difference between you having to build an entire idea behind a Ferrari.


Pulling a tad on the way the culture looks at a Ferrari.

Positioning – is key.

And here at T&M.

Within this community, it is something we must understand.

Positioning is key, and how to position, is something that is sought after.

The difference between a novice chess player…. and a grandmaster.

Or in this case, the difference between a difficult business venture, and a smooth well oiled operation, with a well identified market – that one would call a “hungry” market.

Positioning is *key*.

And folks – This article isn’t so much as a informative article – but more so of something to help you *think* about a different approach to business.

One that creates a path of least resistance to your of dreams of success, and freedom.

Welcome to T&M.
And if you would be so inclined to agree, perhaps understanding exactly how positioning is key, is something that would interest you.

Consider the product developed to help you achieve a position that would set your mind *apart* from the competition.

The Weaponized Psychology System.

And if the course is too much for you right now…

Consider joining the list – *free*.



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  1. The first watch isn’t even sold. It is exposed. It is there. It does not need me to wear it, it is already worn by a high-status celeb.

    It’s taken, not accessible.

    The second watch is. It is free. Nobody wears it. Why would I want to ?

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