So – the item that sales people all over the world


To be the item of construction of all sales relationships.


A lot of people are very confused about this.


Now – I’m sure you’re thinking… potentially mouthing – what is the “point” of displaying this tweet?

Well – one must understand something, rapport is much deeper than people think – and of course, we can use a superficial understanding of it, to gain an awareness *enough* to deploy a sense of “rapport”.

But… if you don’t truly understand at least some of the nature of the world – rapport will always be a “superficial” idea that you use loosely.

But – it is the *pillar* of all sales and it’s process.

See – sales is a concept of alteration of someone’s viewpoint to be congruent with what you are impressing upon them.

Yes – that has been iterated many times…

But – consider this – in order to get to that point, you must understand – everything is energy – including you!

Now – I’ll give you a piece of understanding to get into figuring out what rapport is.



Consider this – a great diagram shared by @SubtleBodhi on Twitter (by the way – highly recommended follow!)

Energy is expressed in multiple different formats and aspects within our reality… it can be expressed as a dimension (think in basic physics how energy is expressed into a object held higher above the Earth’s surface than actual contact with the Earth), it can be expressed as a frequency, and it can be expressed in many different ways!

Energy in our current world is an *expression*.

But.. Consider this…

What happens when that energy *synchronizes*?

What happens when you link up every aspect of the energy?

So let’s consider music (the first item referenced by @SubtleBodhi within the picture shared above).

When you play tonalities that are harmonious to each other, and they “synchronize” it produces a energy that is “beautiful” and tonally wonderful to us.

Think of a wonderfully played solo on a guitar, in sync and “in-tune” with the rest of the band…

When this song is played in *perfect* tension and release… we will feel moments when the tones *line* up perfectly… and bam – you can *feel* the good energy of the moment – and thus you enjoy the music!


What if I told you that rapport was the same thing?

That’s all I’ll say on that front.

Rapport is a money maker. 🙂

Happy thinking!

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Weaponized Psychology System

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