The First Time I took control over my Life.

Folks, today I have a story for you.

Honestly, it is kind of a… personal story.

And yes, the title is as follows – and this will probably be *as personal* as this brand ever gets – to revealing my identity – so on and so forth.

Folks, this is the story, of how I took control on my life.

See – I wasn’t always a man who knew how to monetize.

I wasn’t always a man that knew what people were thinking…

Nor was I a man… that knew or had the *courage* to go out in the marketplace and perform.

It was a long… and treacherous road to that spot.

Full of pain, full of suffering, and just full of times being lost.

And – I’ll be honest with you – it was from when I was a young dude – about 15 years old…

There was a *strong* bridging point at this point in my life, where I had to either *sink* or swim.

My family was crazy, my father was gone, my mother was… well – she wasn’t nice folks.
I will just leave it at that – for the sake of my personal life.

I had never felt more alone in my entire life.

Every where I looked, I was alone.

I moved a lot, I’d changed states a lot – no friends, no real relationships. Better yet, could I have talked to my family? Not at all…

To be honest with you, I could have very well have been depressed – folks – this time of life was tough – as I write these words right now, I can feel the emotion of that time.

I don’t really know what depression is… but – that damn sure could have been it.

Can you imagine being alone in the world at 15 years old, bouncing back and forth between your family’s houses, wondering *where* do I belong.

Why doesn’t my Mother love me – look I’ll spare you the saddening thoughts – the story is.

I was in an emotional low point – my family situation financially wasn’t strong – and I was forced *fast* to grow up.

Working *all* kinds of silly jobs, and honestly… I don’t remember a *SINGLE* day where I fit in with my co-workers. Folks, I went from working at retirement homes, to working gas stations, to everything in between.

ANYTHING to put money on the table, and honestly… to feed my family – and… maybe get some food myself.

Folks – that’s the case – and that’s the context.

Hard life, little food, little success.

And even better yet – I was the guy who’d ask questions. Why are we doing this? This is so *stupid*.

Why am I even here working this job?


What a funny word.

I enjoy the people who call the word a name for “just over broke.”

Because my friends… that’s *exactly* where I was.

Just over damn broke – just barely scraping by. At 15 years old – whatever – we won’t focus on that.


I have to tell you something…

And… I won’t spare any of the comedy of the situation.

Imagine you’re a 15 year old kid, and you see someone had a little brown baggy, over to someone… and then someone hands back a stack of cash – folks I mean the most *BEAUTIFUL* stack of twenties your eyes could lay on.

Well – that’s how I saw them. And… I was the typical kid – naive as ever could be (I have a funny story about that actually…).

So – I investigated – I looked – I *checked*.

What in the *world* is this about?

I went up to the guy – “What did you just hand him?”

“Get lost FOOL!”

Of course… FIGURES! Just my luck…

But… as time went on.. I kept on looking for this fella, always watching him… until I started to follow him (now not *right* behind him… but close enough to see him).

I followed him… and then I saw something.

He met another older gentleman, and this guy GAVE him a plastic bag.

“What in the hell… is that?”

Was the words muttered under my breathe.

I couldn’t put 2 and 2 together, so I figured… let me go and see.

I was kind of scared about the entire thing… he was walking away from me…

They both were leaving.. and I waited for my opportunity – look I HAD to figure out what just happened – that stack of twenty dollar bills could *CHANGE* my life.

So – I waited – and BANG – “Look sir, I just saw you give him something, and he gave you money, and I’ve been seeing that happen for a while now, and I want to know what you guys are doing! I am *tired* of working a same old job and I want to MAKE SOME MONEY!”

The speed that you read that at – put that at 20x – the words came so fast out of my mouth, I barely skidded by cardiac arrest of my blood supply to my mouth.

He laughed – and showed me something.

He showed me DRUGS.

“Look Kid, I get it, you want to make some money? I’ve got you. – Meet up at this spot at xyz time, xyz day.”

“GOT IT sir.”

I was hooked – I *could* not imagine… what a *WORLD* of a difference this would make… if I could just make 5% of what that guy exchanged with…

Folks.. my world would CHANGE.

So – long story short – I met with him. He showed me the ropes.

He showed me how to sell – he liked me – He said, “You got SPUNK kid. I like you.”

So – you know, I knew he liked me.

But – let’s fast forward – because it took me a while… I was a slow starter – I was ANXIOUS.

But folks… the moment came.






And… folks… I can’t tell you the feeling.

I felt like I was free.

I felt like I BROKE out of the system of bondage.

I felt like I HAD CONTROL over my life.

Folks – I can’t explain this to you – and I’m sure some of you who’ve made money on their own.

Can empathize.

But – if this story was to do anything, I want you to walk away with this one idea –

Taking control of your life with your income ability is the single most powerful ability in the world…



Is NOTHING that compares to this feeling.




I just want you to remember that.

Nothing in this world compared to that feeling… and honestly, nothing will.

*FINALLY* breaking free.

*FINALLY* taking control.

Folks… for those who haven’t taken full control… what would that feel like for you?

Do you think you’d feel the same way?

Do you think you’d be just like me in that sense?

Look, I want you to understand, this is extremely important to me.

FREEDOM – and the ability to make life as you make it, the ability to influence the world…. in your image.

It is very important to me.

And honestly, I made a course with that passion… with that feeling… in mind of the 15 year old kid I knew..

What he should have known…

To stay away from drugs, and go and make his own success.

Folks, the world is all in your mind, many of you who are smart already know this…

And… the:

  • Sharper
  • Smarter
  • More Aware
  • More Mastered

You are over your mind… the world of a difference it makes.

I wish I knew this stuff I know now – that I put in this course… when I was 15 – 16 -17 – 18 – 19 – 20 – 21 – 22 ETC!!!

Because… it’s powerful.

And it is EMpowering.

I will leave it at that folks.

And – if you feel the same way – here is the course.

Please – do *not* skip out on your mind. ALWAYS invest in your mind.

That’s all I have to say my family.

Welcome… to T&M.

Here is the course: Weaponized Psychology System

And if the course is a bit much for you, I’ve got something else for you.

Free… Powerful information, that I *think* will be *just* as effective.

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