Dry Fasting

Dry Fasting

Quick down and valuable – what is it…

What is “Fasting” about from a technical perspective..

And most important.

What can it do for you.

Let’s jump right into it.


Fasting is quite simple – it is the reduction of typical food groups and focusing on reducing energetic demands on the body to facilitate a “health productive state”.


What’s all this mumbo jumbo mean?

That means that you are either eating significantly low impacting/highly digestible foods, or simply water… or (in the case of Dry Fasting) – NOTHING!

Now now, a lot of people have asked  – WHY!

Well understand this – let’s do a small imaginary case study – if you are to run a mile as fast as you can – what do you think your energetic allocation system will send energy to?

IF you said your legs, and core (muscle groups supporting your supporting chain of kinetic energy) you would be 220% CORRECT.

The energy constantly being processed would contribute a higher supply of energy being sent towards the legs to maintain the meeting of the demands – *HENCE* you will see vasodilation within your vasculature (your blood vessels) within your legs.


IF we were to apply the same concept within the idea about the simple concept of lifting weights with a moderate to high intensity… you can see the increased energetic demand expressed via your vasodilation of your most utilized muscle group supply centers – i.e. if you were curling with high intensity – you will start seeing your hand veins POP out…

As well as your bicep veins.


Folks – how the *hell* does this relate to… FASTING?

Let’s break it down.

The human body operates on a function of constant balance, hence – due to those increased energetic demands in the previous examples – something we ALL have experience in – other muscles *AS WELL AS* organs, systems, even your BRAIN will start to suffer in terms of maximum potentiality relative to the current context.

Lay words?

Your body’s energy is being demanded one place, other places get lesser supply of energy.


Now fasting – see when you are fasting you are effectively reducing your energetic demand in your digestive system.

And folks.. the digestive system is an *EXTREMELY* energetically intensive complex.

Do you recall… the moments when you feel “food drunk” and you want to pop a belt buckle off your stomach, to relieve the pressure… but… also you are about 10 seconds away from your family calling 9-11 and getting you into the intensive care unit for a food coma?

Folks. You are experiencing the *energetic demands* of your digestive system receiving a a *FULL* load of food.

And… that load of food.. *HAS* to be dealt with – thus the energetic allocation supply diverts energy from all systems… to profuse your digestive system, to supply it *as* much as possible.

Now we have some context, let’s bring it full circle.

When you’re *fasting* your energy systems have a massive load relinquished off their backs… after your entire digestive system empties.

This facilitates emptying of the entire digestive complex (stool passage) and as well as the most important part.

Your immune + lymphatic system now have time to play “catch up” with all of the “loopage” they have underwent.

See – when your body retrieves the nutrients + complexes out of the food, it either goes directly into your blood stream for direct injection into your tissues, or it is retrieved by the slower moving lymphatic system, and injected within the slow moving system.

But – your circulatory system is *NOT* in charge of eliminating wastes. Your lymphatic system is – so when you are *NOT* eating, your lymphatic system has no input on the inputation portion of the loop – and solely has a chance to “catch up” i.e. eliminate all wastes, that are backed up, or such.

And here is the point you’ve all been waiting for..

Why is *DRY FASTING* better than water fasting..

Well – folks think about it. When you drink water, you activate your digestive system. When you don’t? It lays dormat (all upper portions, the lower portion (large intestine complex) is typically active if you’re doing the next important step.)

Now why is this advantageous?

See when you stop drinking water… your body is purely reliant on it’s own reserves – i.e. it’s internal homeostatic systems.

Thus… your body will *pull* damaged + imminently to be malignant/destroyed cells + whole tissue systems, to utilize their cytosol (fluid within cells that is full of vitamins/electrolytes/xyz) to be the draw.

And the first place your body will pull? Malignant tissues/fatty tissue.

THIS IS WHY – if you’ve fasted for more than 8 hours, you will tend to have an event which many in the world call a “healing crisis” which is your body literally pulling the damaged/malignant tissues to supply itself – thus pulling all the malignant substances (substances that when bioavalible (interacting with cellular walls nearby) will make you feel very bad – mimicking the feeling when they were first stored) in the same process.

Your body will also use the extra energy reserves (since not supplying very energy intensive digestive system) to supply cellular production systems to produce more blood + white blood cells to initiate phagocytosis at a higher rate (eating blood cells and discarding them into the lymphatic system).

As well?

Your entire system of lymph will have a much easier time moving… because as stated before, there’s no digestive/heavy load input, thus it will utilize all it’s energy (the lymphatic system is the system that the white blood cells heavily interact with) to retrieve tissues, and remove wastes.

The wastes go directly back to the digestive system, and the nutrient portions of the excrement (cells shit/cellular remains) will be supplied back into the blood stream for utilization or quick elimination via kidney centers or large intestinal distribution and removal.

Your body is a massive autonomous facility.

And your body will still keep manufacturing itself with the energy + the nutrients from the dead cells.

Hence why people can go so long without eating.

You are eating.. you are just eating yourself – the much less functional portions of yourself.

So – dry fasting will always be the best because it demands on the basis of homeostatic maintenance (balance) a much deeper pull into your tissues for sustenance – vs water fasting.

There you go folks.

Welcome to T&M.



As you are fasting you will experience vast ranges of symptoms.

Anything from:

Pustules popping out of your skin.
Severe headaches
And honestly.. if you’ve gotten yourself really unhealthy – blacking out and passing black stool

Folks – I want to assure you – this is a GOOD sign.
The darker the color of:
– Pus
– Mucus
– Snot

Yes.. it’s nasty.

The deeper the cleansing action by your lymphatic system – and deeper = less unfunctional tissues weighing you down.

And most importantly…


Levels of excretion:

  • Black (most “chronically” damaged tissue (most of the time this is dead/backed up tissue in your lymph fluid – if you see this coming out – KEEP going. This is VERY IMPORTANT TO GET OUT)
  • Brown (Less chronic/damaged then black – but VERY good sign. Keep going
  • Thick Yellow (chronic)
  • Yellow (chronic lesser)
  • Slightly Yellow tinged (acute-ish/chronic)
  • Clear

These are good signs when you are getting it out – this serves as a guide to understand how DEEP you’re currently pulling to meter your fasting cycles.

I DO NOT recommend going from nothing to full 7 day dry fast. This actually could kill you. You want to taper and work up to this level.

But remember – dry fasting is deepest pulling action.

When your lips are dry, and your eyes are dry, this is a good sign – this means you are starting to pull to maintain hydration balance.

Most of all GOOD LUCK!



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