The System of Branding



The -ubiquitous- terminology for all consumer oriented businesses.

“Personal Brand”

“Business Branding”

“PRODUCT branding”

Folks, have you ever stopped and taken a minute…

To consider…


What that shit actually *means*?

Let’s get into a small story

(don’t worry – not fluff – we need context for this discussion – so every one can understand this)


Folks, on twitter, which is arguably where the most business minded folks are, as it takes a high degree of talent and a ability to palpate the pulse of your niche… with pure words a lot of folks are concerned about their brand.

By a lot… I mean everyone.

We have tweets about how to build a person brand, and pretty much everyone on the business side of twitter… who is above 300 followers, is concerned with building a brand.

But… here’s the thing…

If you don’t even properly have a idea, of what a brand is… then… how can you even build one?

If you don’t know what a building is, how can you even build one?

Now — that is quite the hyperbole – yes yes I know, a building you can actually see but a brand you can –  I get it.




Here’s the thing folks. Effectively, when you get down to the psychology of it – and – you know what… let’s not even make this complicated with words – when you get down to how one THINKS + CONCEIVES of something…

(think about when someone says “BOAT!” what your mind’s eye produces in relation to that mentioned word/concept)

It is all the same thing.

My close brotha from another motha (@attentionalgor1) termed it very effectively as..


Brain Real Estate


…and I think that is quite possibly the most effective way to conceive of the idea of a brand.

Now… let’s get to the meat of this dinner – a brand is just the way you think of something – and *everything* has a brand. Everything you’ve possibly ever thought of, and has built some sort of association inside of your mind.

Has a brand.

If you are talking about the office fella who just went on a date with Becky… and they had sex..


Rick (our office fella) has done this with Sammy, Jolie, and Mary all within the last week (seriously a fxxkin stud folks)… and this is knowledge you’re aware of..

When Kristy comes to you and asks you about Rick, would you say, “Oh the guy who had sex with Sammy, Jolie, Mary, and Becky last week?”

Rick has effectively built a brand behind those associations that have been structured within your mind.

Getting a Little Bit Deeper Into Brand Psychology


Now as I covered in Niche people’s associations with things (even themselves) builds like a Jenga puzzle.

(Folks, if you are wondering… when I might stop using this same old picture – I will not – ever (just imagine working for me and I constantly use it)).




Imagine your brand like a Jenga puzzle, that you must constantly build up from *scratch*.

First, you lay the ground pieces (your initial introduction to the market) – then you start laying the subsequent pieces.
(When you first heard of Rick going out on a date with the first girl)

It essentially is exact the same thing as building a person’s psyche from the start.

With the exception of – this person you are building, is not a thing with a soul.

So in essence branding is laying associations down to your conception of how they conceive your line of work.
(For instance – as the story went on with Rick, and you got more *information* about Rick’s moves, the conception of – the *Jenga Puzzle* grew higher)

With this idea implanted, you must understand – brands are built over time.

They are not overnight things.

Just like it takes time for a Presidential Nominee’s image + story to be implanted into the public’s head over time.

(Or Rick steadily built a conception of himself inside your head.)

A brand should be treated with the same carefulness.

Finishing Notes


Integrity, and stability are all the mainstays of the brand – for instance, if you have built your entire brand based on “you being a master salesman”… but your sales skills are average at best – you’ve instilled cognitive dissonance into the conception of the brand vs the reality..

And over time.. which ever is more congruent with their perspective, will win.

Just some things to consider.

For instance, you may have the awareness (see they know *who you are*).

But from that point on the who must turn into a relationship of a deeper (see taller Jenga puzzle)

The brand must be cultivated like a plant – and each plant is your conception of *your* brand within their mind.

I.e. building the Jenga Puzzle.

And – this can be said about any piece of “real estate” your brand takes in someone’s mind.

Build your brand folks.

I’ve given you the tools, the rest you can all extrapolate.

Good luck.

Welcome to T&M.

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