Optimization of Health – Quick Run Down

If you’re a entrepreneur – a athlete – or just a fellow human who is looking to understand and optimize his or her health a little better… I have message for you.

The modern allopathic system of treatment for disease is totally incorrect about health completely.

Infact – nearly in *every* aspect of their algorithms for treating you… they are incorrect.

These are *mighty* tall words.. But – luckily you’re on this blog – and… I know my shit.

Let’s start this up. The T&M way.

Allopathy – is a way of communicating the identity of the current medical system in the west… which is, supplement the function of the analogues the human body’s functionality via… drugs + surgery.

And – as I said before. It is totally false. Why? I’ll prime you right now – because this is under the presupposition that the problem is one that is of short term nature.

See – drugs are ancillary provisions for short term processes of the human body.

Your drugs are your neuro-transmitters.

Your hormonal systems.

Everything that provides a short term signal to your body.


Folks – when you are sick – your are not suffering from a short term problem.

You are suffering from a short term signal – that is warning you of a ongoing long term process that is surfacing in the name of a short term presentation.

Let’s continue.


Basic Concept


Your body has 8 major systems that run your body:

  1. Circulatory System
  2. Digestive System
  3. Endocrine System
  4. Integumentary System
  5. Respiratory System
  6. Urinary System
  7. Lymphatic System/Immune System
  8. Muscular System

The functionality of the entire body works within the inter-utility of these systems “communicating” with each other – i.e. an interdependence of functions to provide homeostatic equilibrium.

What’s that means – in lay?

Each system depends on each other, to provide a function to keep your alive, and your body in a balanced functioning state.

So.. what is the case to be made here.

Where did allopathy go wrong?


Where it all Went Wrong with Allopathy


Let’s start.

Allopathy functions on this one axiom – the human body needs help to combat the aliments of the environment around it – thus we see the expression of this underlying thinking from the macro psyche of the industry producing solutions to this problem via:

  • Vaccines
  • Antibiotics
  • Pain Medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • And Various Other Medications that are Ancillaries to already produced chemicals in the body

To provide context…

If you have a heart attack – which is called a myocardial infarction (myo = muscular tissue | cardial = pertaining to cardiac tissue (heart tissue) | infarction = death of tissue).

The modern algorithm for treatment calls for a protocol to cease the attack – which an attack is simply a cessation of blood profusing a certain region of heart tissue, through blockage.

Think of it like a dam blocking your blood vessel from providing nutrients and energy to a high turnover tissue (heart tissue).

And this is the correct method – but… once again in the short term.

The long term allopathic method is to provide medication to people, to basically provide a long term solution that is constantly doing the same thing as the short term intervention does… preventing the blood clot from forming, or destroying the blood clot.

Completely bypassing the underlying issue.

And as we primed our minds before. The short term illness/presentation is just the body’s way of communicating that a long term problem… has gone way too far.

And this is a typical theme within the modern medical system.

Let’s continue –

If you have a bacterial infection – the modern medical algorithm is to treat you with anti-biotics, with a broad system of anti-biotics designed to eliminate and flush out the micro-flora (meaning micro organisms inside your body that are not of creation by the human body) eliminating typically all bacteria – good and bad.

But… this sounds good on paper…

But it still misses one strong point.

What caused the human body to recognize that this operation – operating with a higher content than usual at a long term rate – deciding that not devoting a large amount of resources to fighting a infection is not the better decision?

Which is… where the underlying problem is.

See – the human body operates always on homeostasis – it is constantly looking to make the best and optimize the situation for maximum functionality.

And this is where the problem starts to build – the modern treatment systems are utilizing treatment modalities (methods) that are solely interested in the short term treatment over a long period of time (people utilizing medications that do the same thing that the short term medication does… but over a longer period of time).


The How and the Why of the Failure of Modern Medicine/Surgery


Now that we have context… Here’s why.

The modern medical system thinks that the human body is flawed in it’s logic. It thinks (as a intellectual body at large), that the homeostasis system is flawed – thus we must augment it with medications to “help” it stop this inherently flawed logic.

That produces sepsis events (bacterial/viral infections), cancers, or cardiac issues (the 3 big things that kill people at a 90% range of medical problems).

So let’s dive into the *why*.

Why does the medical world think this?

It’s very simple. They don’t think on a systemic interaction basis. (We will hit this point later *very important*)


More importantly – they completely ignore one of the most important systems – the Lymphatic system. (Key)

See – if you do a deep dive into any medical research literature, you will find it is largely concerned with optimizing either the blood system (circulation) or the cellular function and augmenting it (studying receptibility or optimizing cellular environment via fluid concentration of electrolytes or other ancillaries of cellular function (adding on to receptibility)).

But these are like putting fuel into a car – instead of taking a look at the fuel lines, to see that their might be a leak… or an entire blockage.

Or… even more of a direct relation – to the next topic – thinking that putting in a fuel additive will assist in a backed up oil system with blackened oil.

It would be like attempting to use a short term method that is designed to sell someone a car… when you’re selling them a private jet. Completely bockers.


So – what is the actual issue at hand?


The human body is a beautifully fascinating machine (follow along, I must give you context) – and it operates solely on homeostasis.

But.. when you have some variable that is out of line – the human body *must compensate for it*.

And how it compensates… is what produces the problem. The human body will compensate for aliments for a long time, presenting small indications that something is going on.

Think of your human body like a tough grandpa, who’s always saying, “I’m fine. It’s just a damn flesh wound!”

But… in actuality, those little signals – the little pains that randomly present. The little cracks that randomly occur – these are signals – although minute… that there is something going on. And. You need to tend to that.

And here’s the why and the how.

The Lymphatic System – the red headed stepchild


See – the most underestimated system in the human body – is the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is the system in charge of the plumbing of all of your cell’s wastes.

Basically put – when your cells take a shit, your lymphatic system gets rid of the waste.

But – here’s the issue. The lymphatic system is not a closed pressurized system like your circulatory system.

Your circulatory system is a closed loop pressurized system, which is heavily controlled in the acid base regard by the interaction of your lungs blowing off CO2 + your heart pumping blood.

But… your lymphatic system isn’t.

See your lymphatic system runs off your muscles constantly contracting and releasing – thus by movement – your body literally moves all the cellular shit…

It doesn’t have direct access to the respiratory system to blow off acidity build up (a huge problem).

And… it doesn’t have access to your constant pressure from your heart, to move lymph fluid along.. even when you’re sitting. (Ever heard of that cultural idiom floating around the fitness world that we weren’t designed to sit for long periods of time?)

Have you ever noticed that after a run you start to sneeze a lot, and potentially might have a runny nose?

This is because your lymphatic system has gotten a ton of movement. (Hence why walking is such an important activity! It stimulates your piping!) And when the movement occurs, the body gets a chance to re-calibrate the waste out of the system, as well as reduce the acidic footprint.

Thus.. Because the lymphatic system is getting tons of movement – it is able to free up all that waste. And – move it.

So let’s continue – how does your lymphatic system play a part in the big picture:

When you are sitting for long periods of time, your LS is getting no movement – thus your cells aren’t having a optimized environment to eliminate wastes in.

It’s like having a overflowing toilet folks.

Just imagine living in that – and imagine if you’d get sick or not… and how fast that’d happen.

It is a disgusting picture isn’t it? This is what happens when you have a bad diet… and more importantly – a sedentary lifestyle. See you can eat whatever you want – as long as you are moving your lymph.

This is what happens with your LS – and if it happens for too long, your body compensates by reducing the pH in the local tissue area, to compensate for the load.

And… if it occurs for too long, it will back up and cause an entire blockage in the system – causing your wastes to not be able to eliminate.

Thus causing a loop, of calcification and waste build up.. ultimately affecting local tissues to have an acidic environment of operation.. hindering the ability for your cells to operate.

Long story short – as this can get long.

If your lymph isn’t eliminating appropriately it will cause bodily issues, such as colds, various infections (lymph nodes being backed up, and the bacteria inside of them moving to tissues to store the wastes), and eventually longer term issues such as your white blood cells looking to handle bacterial issues in your actual cellular tissues, instead of your lymph nodes.. (now you know how auto-immune issues occur).

And if it progresses for too long – cancer will ensue – as your tissue is in a progressive nonfunctional and acidic/bacterial assault state. Thus the DNA *will* get damaged, and your white blood cells are constantly in a perpetual state of keeping up with malignant cells. (This process is also how heart disease occurs, from local cell tissues not getting a chance to keep up with the high turnover of wastes of the high performance cardiac cells.. thus making your vessel walls near the cardiac cells to harden from the pH build up + the waste build up.)

So curing cancer is simply a function of lymphatic fluid optimization. Yes – it is that simple.

Proof? Cancer is a end result of a non-functioning damaged cell being allowed to live.

Your white blood cells are in charge of macrophagic activities (finding problematic tissue/cells and eliminating it).

And when they are operating in a non-conducive environment (chronically acidic tissues) + constantly compensating for more malignant cells than usual… they are playing catch up.

It is like your white blood cells fighting a losing battle of attrition with your magnilant tissues that are sitting in their own shit.

Eventually the metabolic wastes build up to a degree to where the white blood cells are unable to reach the area, and the cells are being modified by the highly altered local chemistry…

Producing DNA changes just by chemical proxy (more complicated than the scope of this article).

I.e. Homeostasis. Your body is always destroying these cells, but these conditions make matters much more difficult.

So – if you are to eliminate any issues with the human body – you must start with the diet – because the diet determines the wastes of your macro wastes (your excrement) + your micro wastes (the cellular excrement).

Thus to optimize your health, you must eat healthy and get a solid amount of movement every day.

And a healthy diet + exercise goes a much longer way than even the current medical world appreciates.

And… when you are in a malaised or sickly state – the best move you can do is fast.

Now… what does fasting do?

Fasting allows your body’s compensatory mechanics to catch up with the current demands.

It allows your body’s white blood cells the time to catch up with + the metabolic wastes that have built up in your local tissue to move out, so your immune system can catch up… and eliminate any and all malignant cells.

And this is *exactly* why you will feel very bad when you are fasting after a long period of time of not eating well.

Because.. your body is getting rid of all that wastes, and it is going through a bender.

It is getting rid of all those tissues that should have been wiped clean… probably weeks ago.

As well as pulling up junk that should have been pulled up.. causing your chemistry to be thrown off acutely repeatedly.. giving you that constant oddly hungry/malaise feeling.


Why you get sick. The *REAL* Reason they *Don’t* want you to know. (Partly because most doctors have no idea why).


The only reason you are sick is because your homeostatic functions are severely behind the demands of your body. I.e. your wastes are getting far beyond your body’s ability to eliminate.

So… if you want to become healthy, you must give your body the opportunity to play catch up with the current ongoing compensatory processes.

Because.. a sickness is just your body signalling that it is severely behind on these processes.

And folks.. many issues arise from this (processed foods backing up your entire system, causing your hormonal balance to compensate for the altered functionality, throwing off T levels and such.)

And if you’re chronically ill (constantly having colds) this is a sign that your body is in dire distress…

And you need to optimize your diet (fast heavily) asap.

Here you go folks.

I gave you a tremendous amount of tools here.

And this is just barely scraping the surface.

Welcome to T&M.

(Will be continued – stay tuned – a *lot* more to cover here).


    1. Howdy John!

      Appreciate the kind kind words my brother! Hopefully we can continue to have a good flow of value going forward!

  1. Thank you. What does your diet look like generally then? Do you change it based on how your body is feeling? Other than avoiding processed foods, what foods do you eat?

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