How to Build a Skill (the secret to eliminate all frustration revealed)

Have you ever done something that you were completely *awful* at?

I mean.. completely terrible at.

Let’s get in that memory for a second.

When you really sucked at it (first time)..

What happened as time went on?

Even though… you were absolutely terrible at the mechanics and… just general smoothness of the activity… as time went on you got:

  • Smoother at the activity
  • Better at the mechanics
  • A little more Comfortable
  • You definitely didn’t *DIE* from doing it
  • A little quicker at it

And… if it was something relatively simple, you improved dramatically in the span of 10 minutes.. if you constantly did repetitions to get better.

Going from..:

  • Clunky…
  • Slow…
  • Very uncoordinated


  • Faster
  • Smoother
  • Sharper

And let me clue you in a on a little secret folks…

You just did something you might not have realized – you just learned how to develop a skill.

Now – I know what you’re thinking… this doesn’t quite translate to a big *ominous* skill like selling something to a *complete* stranger…

But… Does it really not?

I mean.. is there absolutely no similarities between your ability to rapidly develop your comfort + smoothness with your ability with whatever activity you thought off..


The idea of making money?

Little secret..: (it is the same exact thing).

See, unless you’ve got some pre-built talent – which is definitely possible!

Everything you start – you will suck at. No matter what it is, what you’re doing, where it’s at. The details do not matter. You will suck at it, and your results… will be dismal.

I mean folks – they will be awful. In-fact, this may be a scary thought – but you will look like a *absolute fool*.


The best part about that entire equation is?

You will improve.

And every time you do that little activity that you’re doing.

Or even big activity! (Convincing someone to put money in your pocket in exchange for a product you have)

You will be growing *that skill*.


There a book on this?

Folks – there’s:

  • No books
  • No secret
  • No quick hack
  • No shortcut
  • No cheat code
  • No Motivation Video
  • No Guru that will elevate your success

Once you spend enough money on gurus out there, you’ll notice – they all say the same thing. They will provide you with “tools” or a “framework” that allows you to develop.

Now.. I don’t put that in quotations to mock these people – in-fact… using many of these tools and framework will provide you with a ready made structure that will make your progression move significantly faster than it might have, if you were just throwing darts at a dart board blindly.

At least now you can see the damn dart board.


The game never changes.

It’s still:

  1. You suck…
  2. You suck a little less…
  3. You suck significantly less..
  4. You’re kind good at it now (nice job kid)
  5. Okay… now you’re pretty good at it
  6. Maybe… you’re good enough to teach some people now
  7. Well damn.. you make it look easy

The game of development never changes.

And… I’m just telling you the truth.

That’s how to build a skill.

Step by step, day by day… you get better.

And that’s it folks.

It doesn’t change if it’s:

  • Copywriting
  • Salesmanship
  • Marketing
  • Putting together a piece of furniture
  • Literally… anything

The game never changes, and reading a book will not get you there.

The only thing that will, is putting in the work.

Now – don’t get me wrong, a book might give you a framework!

But.. folks.. there’s only so much you can do with a book – then it comes to actually building the skill.

And… that’s it.

It had to be said.

Someone’s gotta keep it real.

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