You’ve heard of terms like “this is best targeting individuals aged 25-34 who are women.”

Have you ever asked, “what the hell does this mean?”

Let me clue you in on a little secret from the boardrooms here – most don’t. Very very few people know what the fuck this means.


You’re in for a treat – because I do.

It’s time we bring some awareness on this issue.

See – this helps you understand a lot of how this world works – and of course – this builds on these 2 posts – so if you haven’t read either of these two posts (How To Tap Into Someone’s Psyche + Incentives) you will be completely lost. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s start.

What exactly does a 25-34 y/o audience mean?

As we’ve stated this one thing, your “code” you contain in your subconscious that your limbic system (ego complex) influences causes you to run certain programs that determine the judgement you will have… and thus the ultimate end expression you’ll have.

And as we’ve stated, it’s like a game of jenga, but instead of slipping out certain blocks, you’re adding blocks on top of the complex.



If you understand this, you’ll get this next point.

Within a certain culture, as a age group experiences the cultural events + macro-narratives that are expressed throughout the culture, and the “tribal leaders” orate on the cultural events, typically this produces a back-end code in your potential “niche” that produces a similar perspective on it.

Hence why shows that feature Kim Kardashian become popular, because the social consciousness starts to form back end code that starts to become more receptive to figures like her.

If she happened when the current generation that has the programs (on the macro scale) that the current 85-94 population was running (when an 85 y/o person was aged 20, it was around 1953) – she would have been vehemently rejected, because the back end code + cultural events of that time, weren’t conducive to a item such as her, being so flamboyantly outwardly sexualized.

This was the typical sexualized item back in the 1930s in American Culture.



A typical woman of this time, would have been a hot item, versus the currently culturally accepted figure.



And – if you check the current vernacular of this current culture….

2010s cultural study.png

Is much different from the small linguistic nuances that resonate with the current culturally active demographic (20-40 y/o group).

1950s newspaper.jpg


And what is this evidence of exactly?

Simply put this – the jenga tower for each of these individuals that have produced the programs that allow for people of specific age groups to resonate with cultural items the same way, is built differently for each age group, because they:

  1. Are experiencing a vastly different cultural situation
  2. Are forming a compoundingly different program based on the different experiences

Thus, we have factions of humans that are all in the “same culture” but have vastly different takes upon *everything*.

And… If you have any aspirations to become a very high level business person… this is a ocean you simply can’t avoid. You must be privy to the tides of the ocean, in order to have any sort of success.

Thus why I say:


The fact of the matter is, if you’re doing any mass market sales, you must have an understand of:

  1. What is the current commonality in the code you’re targeting?(what is the hot topic in 25-34 y/o women – are they really into Adele right now? What is the portion of code that is producing this resonance? What is the part of the jenga blocks that are producing the current resonance + expression “Yassssss”)

    Example of expressions of cultural conditioning based on back end code of people experiencing current culture. Meme pages that condition people into a deeper fanaticism of encoded high status individuals.

    The question is, why does this happen? Did these women have a problem with their mother or have a strong appreciation for their mother when they were young, that transferred into this?

    Did these women become programmed by culture to view women as “Goddesses” and thus this is simply transferring to that?

    Did these women resonate strongly with the lyrics of one song, and start to ingest the content – where the content was framed to paint Adele as a goddess?


  2. Once you understand that, how do you leverage those codes to make them work for you?(Think Colin Kapernick’s effect on the demographic of the polarity between black and white younger generations vs older generations, and think of the market for Nike’s shoes predominately)


    Think – why are people having such a strong emotionality towards this…

    And more importantly, how can I associate my products (synthesis) to the target audience that will most resonate with the entire backend coded association of my brand to my place in culture?

    (Nike traditionally having a heavy influence on the black community with shoes associated to sport stars.)


    Thus, any product that aligns with the insights of the black community, especially in such a polarizing event (which strengthens the back end code of associations) will strengthen the position that the brand has in the associations to the urban/black youth population.

    (Also think about why black figures are so much more powerful to the black community than any other community (Hint: Insecurity about how few black men and women become successful… you can see this play out all across the entirety of the black culture in praising every victory… or loss they have)).



Now… Let’s dive a little deeper – individual brand based niches.

Such as Twilight.

The world’s best marketers (hands down) are always found in Hollywood. They use many methods that we won’t talk about, because they aren’t in the scope of this article, but one that is, is the mere fact of the methods that they use to leverage inbuilt code from young, to program youth to appreciate this cultural phenomenon.

Ask yourself, why did this brand choose to put out this piece of content… the puzzle is always solved in the comments.


Typically you’ll notice that it is women, or girls that are very wordy, think of the connection of a bossy little girl, that is always “knowing it all” and her father is a quiet stoic man, who smiles and listens, to validate the little girl.

Can you start to make the connection now, folks?



People are just the product of their childhood – fundamentally – expressing the built jenga puzzle that keeps climbing up, and up.

Now… let’s switch footing, you’ve heard me talk about how the stock market is the exact same thing.



Everything in our world of commerce is based on the psychological frame that it is in, modified by the current code of the person who’s looking at it.
And the stock market is no different – within the stock market you will have “Niches” that like a certain stock more (maybe not so much because it tugs on how their father validated them by listening to them).

The key to hacking the stock market is to get in tune with the current niches of code interpreting it, and understand where the fundamentals are.

And technical analysis is simply just a encoded method of typical patterns of human behavior (how humans typically respond to price action based on relative values and their flawed short term vs med term vs long term niche thinking all interacting with each other).

I.e. this is why a pattern like the A B C Elliot Wave works, because it’s simply charting a probability of the way human behavior typically responds to a relativity of anchoring to a certain position of price… all based on the back end code.

And… we can understand, that a black swan event is based on the current culture’s take – i.e. every cultural situation is different… but human behavior is the same.

Just expression based on the code, based on perceptions.

Perception is reality.

There you have it folks.

I gave you a lot of connecting of the dots.

The rest… is up to you.

Welcome to T&M.

P.S. – for those who are interested in the deeper esoteric elements of this aspect, be prepared, and keep a close eye.

Esoterica is very important to this.

Psychology is just one level of what’s really going on.

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