Could you notice if something across the hallway fell?

Could you notice it before it happened, and be there to pick it up?

Do these questions seem… pointless… to you?

What if I asked you if you noticed that pen mark on your arm, that occurred an hour ago?

Or where your keys when, that you forgot as you were exiting your door to leave for work?

Awareness is a concept that is understood by all, but practiced by the few.

Some people are demanded into awareness, by their professions, such as a boxer minding his ring.

Some people go through their entire life never raising awareness above a level necessary to modify their fate.

But – the simple parable of this all is one fact.

Awareness is the precursor to being able to change your fate, or the fate of anything else.

Awareness is the ability to move outside of your egotistical input-output system, and be much bigger than yourself.

It forces you achieve mastery of yourself, through the painful appreciation of every single little part of you that you thought should have never been awoken…


We meet the crossroads – How does one achieve awareness?

It is very simple.

You go through your life never making a conscious choice to just – observe.


Awareness is precisely that.

Observation of… Everything.

Every little thing. The excuses you make, the inaction you take, the action you take on certain things, the feelings you have, the feelings you don’t have about people who you say are important.


Every little move someone makes. Every little tick you have. Every feeling you might feel. What happens beforehand to that feeling.

What makes you upset – the moments before your anger started to grow.

Awareness is forgoing the excuses you tell yourself, and taking a cold hard look at every single thing you do… in the mirror.

Any chance you get.

Does it sound scary?

It is – and such is the case of self mastery.

It is not a easy road – and it shouldn’t be.

You are facing the most difficult opponent in the boxing ring you ever faced – yourself.

And your opponent knows all your patterns, he has your number, and he has got you dialed in.

To every pace you make in the ring.

The only way to achieve victory over your opponent… is to observe every small minute detail that your opponent expresses.


Figure out where that detail came from.

Figure out why you are this way.

Why is your mind operate in that manner, where did it come from? What is your problem with things? Where did your solution to it come from…


Is it enough?


Awareness uncovers the deepest parts of everything in this world.

Everything in this world? Well – that’s just a proxy to your awareness uncovering everything inside of you – and what makes you.

The journey is long and arduous. But – if it’s one you will take, you must be devoted through all the uncomfort.

And only then…

Will you have a chance at self mastery.

Good luck… – it’s a tough road.

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