Salesmanship – the *only* skill that can dramatically change your life in 1 year.


– – …You’ve heard this word before. – –

Close me.

Sell me this pen.

Just sell him on it“.

– – …You’ve heard these phrases before. – –

“You’re not selling me on it”.

All sentences, words, and phrases are so commonly said in any business environment.

Let’s get crystal clear about what they mean. After all – these words, are the precursors to:

  • More money in your wallet
  • More influence in any community
  • More respect by your elders or peers
  • A ability to control the direction of your life

Why you ask? Were going to cover that entirely within this introduction.

Folks, what is the downside of any of this?

If you’re thinking “well there is none..”, you would be 220% correct.

Having more of any of these things – they can’t hurt.. won’t hurt.. and most importantly.

They will make your life drastically better.

Let’s learn and get better:


We have all heard the term before. We’ve all encountered a “sales” pitch before. In fact – something you may not know… we’ve all sold something before.

But, my intent isnt to open your mind right now.. – …yet.

Let’s get crystal clear about one thing –

1. What is sales?

And more important my dear family –

2. What can sales do for you?

And – just to get some understanding here –

3. What is this articles intent with those questions?

Let’s jump right in.


1. Sales is the act of changing someone’s view on something. It is as simple as that.

Of course there is a deeper meaning within this definition.

But, in basics sales is changing someone’s view.

I.e. if you are a teen, and you want to go to a party – friends house – whatever it may be… but you’re met with some resistance…

And you managed to “talk your parents into going to xyz”.

You just sold someone.

Or – for *extreme clarity* you changed someones mind.

Keep that in mind.

2. Have you ever had a moment in your life, where you thought, “I wish I had more money.”


Perhaps a little more personal – “I wish I could get that girl/guy to like me, and i could get them on a date.”

Or maybe…

“I wish I could get that fast beautiful Ferrari”.

Or even more for you conservative types…

“I wish I could get that massive 4 story mansion.”

Ok… maybe not so conservative.


Here’s the point I’m making.

We all have had dreams of something more in our lives. We’ve all had dreams of how to get more of anything. But… the path just never seemed clear.

Does… this statement speak to you?

Folks, let me help make something blatantly clear. Sales is changing peoples view.

Imagine if you could change someone’s mind consistently to buy things you “sell” for more money than you acquired it for.

Can you start to see the outcomes of this?

Imagine this – let’s paint a story.

If you buy 20 items from the general store down the road, just novelty items..

Or maybe even water guns.

Let’s say you bought them all for $1.50 each water gun.

Imagine you affect 20 people’s view on those water guns – to get them to buy each water gun at $5.00 a pop.

Folks, this is the power of sales. Sales can turn a 30 dollar investment – into a 300% return with minimal worry or energy expended.

All – with the power of words.

Folks, do you realize how powerful that is?

And.. of course some other parts to the puzzle.

Have I changed your view on sales?

Hopefully you said yes.

3. What is this article’s intent? I want to show you the basics of sales to give you clarity and awareness of how to change someones mind.

On anything.

Maybe that will be a viewpoint in a debate.

Or even changing someones view of looking at something to be worth a mere $1.50.

To being worth a priceless experience.

Do you see the power of re framing?

This is one tool of the salesman’s tool belt of word craftsmanship.

Now that we have gotten the formalities out of the way, let’s focus, and get into the real basics.

The reason why you came here.

The basics of sales.


Now that we have figured out that sales is changing people’s minds, let’s lay out a framework.

The common frame for sales professionals around the world is to

  • Gain attention
  • Determine interest
  • Build desire
  • Encourage action

Also known as the “AIDA” model. (Attention Interest Desire Action model)

In my years of this skill, I’ve come to vehemently disagree.

It leaves too much to chance… and… the structure doesn’t have an inherent system for auditing your part of the process.

This is an ineffective way to do it per 100 over 100 times.

For me.

Here is my model:

  • Gain Attention
  • Gain Intelligence
  • Build Delivery System
  • Deliver Idea
  • Close Deal

This model also includes something else that is very important – and few talk about.

(For marketers (non personal experience sales) rearrange intelligence to the first position).

The constant assessment/readjustment.

The constant assessment/readjustment does take a considerable amount of skill.

So… we won’t touch on it *much*.

I call this model the “(AI=(DS)toDC)CA” model.

(Attention Intelligence=(Delivery System) to Delivery of Idea Close) * Constant Awareness and Adjustment model

Wordy right?

Well – folks this model is inherently built with the presupposition that no person is the same.


Every sale is the same.

See… this is *extremely important distinction*.

No Country is the same but… *every war follows the same general progression*.

No Chess Player is the same but…*every chess game follows the same general progression*.

See – the act of getting you to change your view, is the same no matter what.


Everyone will move differently, react differently, and position themselves versus your viewpoint… – differently.


Everyone requires a delivery system tailored specially for them.

Just as – if invading a country – every country has different defense points, different entrenchments, and different training methods for their soldiers.

Producing an entirely different tactical dynamic.


You still have the same strategic progression.

It’s simply the delivery system has changed.

And during the… sales meeting, chess game, or battle – you require constant awareness of your opponent, to make adjustments during the moment a change occurs, to adjust and remain effective.

This part is of utmost importance.

Because if something changes tactically, all of a sudden your delivery system might not be as effective.

Imagine if the Trojan Horse tactic was jeopardized by a piece of intelligence the enemy gained that there was a army inside of the horse?

Constant awareness is of utmost importance.

Let’s break it down.

1. Attention

Attention is extremely important. This is quite common sense. If you don’t have attention, you can’t:

  • Gain intelligence
  • Build a Delivery System based on that intelligence
  • Deliver the Idea
  • Close
  • Change someone’s view
  • Make money.

(Constant awareness/adjustment is outside of this. This concept is modifying all of the pieces of the model.)

It is quite simple as that.

The tactics to gain attention, are up to you to figure out and decide.

It is the same thing as figuring out a opening move in chess. You must tailor it to your opponent, as your opponent is strong towards some openings, and might not be as strong towards others.

To translate this – your prospect might be very receptive to a woman in a bright red dress, but… the attention might convert into a quick “bounce” of their attention towards something else.

Just like a chess opening that is drawing attention and improperly converting it, might be thwarted by a move on the other side of the board.

Gaining attention is a skill of tactics.

2. Gain Intelligence

This is the part of the sales cycle or marketing cycle where you figure out what your prospect values.

What is your prospect most familiar with.

What makes them feel pain.

What makes them feel joy.

What keeps them up at night?

This is all about asking questions.

And more important… it requires a constant awareness and adjustment of your positioning within the conversation to make sure you are retrieving the truth.

The truth is the most important thing.

If you fudge up this step, you’ll be CLUELESS as how to build your delivery system.

3. Build Delivery System

Once you have a understanding of the truth and what your prospect is familiar with, as well as some deeper aspects we won’t touch on.

Now it’s time to build your delivery system.

If you’re new, this might take you a while – as you’re basically building your game plan, where you will affect them emotionally and deeper than this – psychologically. If this person is more emotional (once again we are touching on the idea of constant awareness + adjustment the ubiquitous aspect of sales) you might want to craft a very emotionally heavy delivery system to provide an idea.

If the prospect is more of a stoic person, perhaps you might build a delivery system that is purely sterile in nature.

This is the same thing in chess. If your opponent plays more aggressive and loose, perhaps you might want to build a delivery system that contains bait to retrieve a commitment.

But once again, awareness is key.

4. Deliver Idea

This is the pitch. This is “the boxing fight”.

This is the execution of your strategy.

Start executing your game plan.

And after the round, make the adjustments necessary to move forward.

Within this part of the model, you must reach a true agreement of value.

The value is when the agreement is reached, and the person recognizes the value.

Once the value is recognized to the fullest extent that you are confident they value it more than the dollar amount, significantly more.

You are ready to move on to the last part.

But – before you even LOOK at the next subject line. Pay attention.


Read that 60x times. If your prospect shows you *any* inkling of a lack of solid agreement on value – they are not seeing it as you want them to see it.

And what does this mean?

Folks – this is dangerous waters. This is swimming with sharks. This is bad business.

Any time you put out ANYTHING that the prospect doesn’t realize the full value of something – you’re leaving your game up to chance.

This is like launching a Nuclear Missile with a engine + missile delivery system that ISN’T 100%.

Folks. Big no no.

Awareness is key.

5. Close

Ask for the order. If everything beforehand was performed correctly, this will meet no resistance, and they will be more excited than you to close the order.


Because you’re leveraging their associative structure.

You’ve created a view in their minds that build to the incentive to close the order.

Making them happy, and more money in your wallet.


Sales is a heavily intellectual skill, and is more difficult to master than boxing or chess.

But – you aren’t getting hit in the mouth, or taking a loss in front of brainacs who are calling you stupid in their thoughts.


Sales is that skill that’s easy to get the basics, but hard to master.

And if this post hits good numbers, and lot’s of people find solid value in it.

I will go deeper.

And we’ll start getting into the weeds – of sales.

At the *every level of sales* this is the system you should utilize to deliver reliable results based on your skill level.

If your skill level is high, you will receive tons of money – or minds changed.

If your skill level is low, this model will produce the result to tell you so.

Giving you absolute clarity as to where you need to take remedial action – to increase results – and increase your skill.

Please, refer to this many times, to instill a strong functioning framework, to improve your life.

And make your life significantly better than it was.

1 year from when you started.

Good luck family.

Welcome to T&M.

Final thoughts:

If you read this, create a comment and start a discussion about the aspects of the system.

The more you engage with others about the aspects of this system, the more you will gain an understanding.

And finally.

The more you will have the power to change your life.

This is a commitment, and commitments weigh heavily on your consciousness.

And remember, just as I’ve said in the previous article – start – you won’t die, and you’ll only be smarter.

Thank you.



  1. Good point : it’s general advices
    Bad point : it’s general advices
    Some concrete realistic example can be good.

  2. Wasn’t reading anything so profound and yet easy to digest.
    Please break it down further. It will be much appreciated by any young clueless like me.

  3. Poignant timing.

    Specifically the in 1 year part.

    Tonight, I just found a 2014 journal that contained an entry written by my “2015 future self” and just about everything as far as sales goals and fitness goals came true.

    After 25 years of not giving a F*** I sold myself on working out and eating right.

    You just helped me sell myself on journaling again, thank you.

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  5. I’m here to commit to this comment in order to program my consciousness.

    Great article by the way, liked the 0-10k in a month one too.

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