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Summed up-

Incentives run the world, and they are at every level of this planet for humans… and for non humans too. Incentives run the entire planet.

TALL words – but – you’ll have the tools in this article, to start making the connections.


Figure it out for yourself.



Introduction to Concepts:

The elite use this obscure system to run… *Every* Single Part of your Life.

Have you ever wondered what causes a person to act so irrationally… what is behind the desire to behave in this fashion?

Or why do people have certain goals… and often time, when you ask them – they’ll have a very superficial explanation or passion behind the goal – often citing… “it’s just something that needs to be done.”

Or why you are so obsessed with certain aspects of culture?

Or perhaps someone might just feel a very *visceral* feeling about something… yet they have absolutely no clue why?

This should already clue you into the system here.

Let’s get one fundamental axiom understood here – human’s are very binary creatures – until they’re not.

Infact – every single creature on this planet – is binary in nature – once you understand the system that runs them – this becomes very apparent.

And that – is a whole ‘nother story.

We are binary in the sense that when we perceive a stimulus – a behavior that is equal and reactionary to the value we ascertain that stimulus is expressed.

I.e. if you see the car you value highly (your “dream” car) you all of a sudden have a reaction that acknowledges the car, at some level of your energetic expression.

This could manifest in the format of a smile, an excited reaction, a jump and a holler… or anything in between.

You get the picture.


Can you guess how much this woman values this man’s presence?


Basics of the Formation of Human Behavior + It’s Expressions:

So we can clarify the expression – the function of human behavior (at one level of analysis) to be based primly on:

  • Assignment of Value (Relative to Valuation of other things)
  • Energetic State
  • Expression (Relative to the Current Energetic Level)
  • Current Association State (The substrate for this entire system)

For instance, someone who was just sleeping, will not go from just waking up, to extremely excited unless there’s something extremely valuable to them that presents itself to this person.

And this item must significantly outperform other stimuli local to the current valuation stack.

For instance, if the person see’s their dog of 2 years pop in the door, and they’re in a low energetic state, you can reliably say…

If this person has seen the dog for a high amount of times, at the same time of day, for the same repetitive iterations, the reaction to the stimulus will be nothing that displays high value towards the stimulus. I.e a large energy expenditure exposing how much they value it.

Think how a woman jumps in excitement vs when a woman is not excited at all about something.

Lay: You see your dog every morning, you’re not going to jump in excitement like you just saw your favorite dog for the first time in 6 years.

Infact – every single creature on this planet – is binary in nature – once you understand the system that runs them – this becomes very apparent.

To recap:

How much value you assign something will determine how much of a modification of your energy state will occur.

What you currently associate to the quality of the stimulus will determine what your expression will be.

I.e. you value a stock highly, because you associate it as a potential opportunity to increase your net worth by a *reasonable* amount – therefore you react to the stimulus with the behavior of analysis, and potentially expending a percentage of your liquidity on the item.


You value the mountains on your walk not very much – so they have little impact (if any) on your current energetic state. You have the association currently attached to them that they are “just there, and have always been there”, therefore you have a slight expression of looking at them, but you will not expend any energy besides looking at them – *maybe*.

Now, we have a working framework, let’s step it up a notch.

Let’s analyze how a company keeps an employee motivated.

First step – you didn’t have access to the individual from young, so you don’t have the ability to program an associative structure into them…

So that’s out of the question.

Going deeper into Human Psychological Structure – via Employers:

So you have to leverage the current associative structures your potential employee has.

I.e. you “interview” them.


The smart interviewer is simply attempting to cut through all your bullshit, and figure out if your current associative structure you have (how you derive meaning to things) as related to them and their business that lines up with a familiar piece to them that they can leverage and manipulate to squeeze every cent of production they can out of you.

I.e. if you’re being hired for a “sales job”, one may want the strong association of “money is life” styled thinking, i.e. this individual relates everything back to “how much money is this going to make me.”

Then… They can incentivize your entire set of behaviors on “this will make you more money if you do this.”

And sell them on the idea of modifying their perception of value of anything… on the basis of money.

So… naturally – this case study leaves 2 options.


  • Associative Structure
  • Value Perception

To achieve a functioning incentive.

So to figure out what is in your associative structure, your structure of building meanings/structure of current meanings is in line with “money is errythang” thinking.

—-Break line—-

Start thinking about this point deeper. You have to have leveragible associations laid in there somewhere… to even have a person who is capable with the current agenda.

—-End Break line—-

If the person isn’t capable, then there must be an incentive structure that will create a behavior that is as acceptable as the optimal outcome vs incentive.

They might look on your social media and check if you’re constantly trying to sell things, or flip things for cash.

Looking for indications of what I can “motivate” you with. I.e. how can I incentivize you to behave the way I want you to.

If you wake up at 4 o clock in the morning, check in on Facebook that you’re at xyz shoe store for the xyz Yeezy shoe release. There’s space exposed.

And that afternoon… you post the shoe up for sale.

Giving away that you’re a hustler, and motivated for cash.

I.e. I can sell you that,” if you do xyz, you will get more cash.”

So let’s recap:

Associations determine the structure, and are utilized for a person to start deriving their value.

I.e. if you are raised Catholic, you are *inclined* to have a system that values behaviors that are traditionally conservative.

Or that associative structure might work opposite, and you might value a kinky behavior of a “Catholic School Girl”.

So think of the associative structure as the foundation, the materials you can work with, and the value as the variable that builds on top of the base – it can go either way.

Deep Dive: How the Elite Programs you.

Now, let’s turn the dial up.

Incentives are simply leveraging what you take value in, to modify your behavior – i.e. if you value money highly, we offer you money.

This is the simple part – that everyone will get, the more *complicated* part is the how do we get you to value something.

And more root to this – how do we even have the substrate to get you to even value something.

And… this is what you’ve been waiting for.

This is how the elite programmed you, programmed me, and programmed your entire family.

Into a bondage system of incentives.

—- Break Line —-

I’m not going to give you every single connection. The value of this article is giving you the eyes to be able to connect the dots yourself.

—- End Break Line —-

“Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.”

  • Ignatius of Loyola – Jesuits Order – From Three Myths, by A. Beichman

Think about what a child does when it is young these days, a child goes to school, and is built an association with one form or another with the “class leader”.

Light touch on building associations:

The relationship between them is not important, but it is the simple fact that they are implanted into your mind as a piece of your reality.

Your “boss” is your teacher.

The mere fact that this association is made, means that it is much easier to utilize this pathway, and leverage it later on in life.

Haven’t you ever had a stance on something, and all of a sudden, you felt a odd strange feeling, that crept up out of no where, only to hijack your whole current emotional state?

You were experiencing a deeply embedded association that was reactivated.

This is the *same* exact systems the elites use.

Heading slightly deeper:

A great example is the common meme about when you get a message from a ex-girlfriend or boyfriend that you haven’t heard from in a while… who might have left you heart broken.

You were feeling very well, enjoying life “post break up.”

Or as much of it as you can.

And then…

Bang – a text message notification appears on your phone. Some tinging feeling already leads you to allude that it is this person who you used to be involved in.

Leveraging the association your significant other held inside of your mental framework.

This pathway in your brain – leads to a “anxiety feeling”.

That old association being re-activated to start influencing your entire system.

This feeling can sometimes be so strong, that it reduces you to such a low behavioral state, that you might be unable to think straight for the next few minutes.

You’ve all felt this.

Keep this in mind.

And we can extend this further, as we experience more of life, we watch movies, we talk to other children who have had the experiences to start associating meaning to things from these movies.

Therefore, your entire associative structure, is built by what is gaining your attention the most during your young life.

This doesn’t have to be active attention – though active attention is most powerful of course, to modify you. Even whatever you’re around – slips into your subconscious. I.e. I prime you with the color green, you might be 2% more greedy now.

Explained – if you are focusing heavily on a woman in your life, spending many hours thinking about being with her.

This is akin to writing associations in your brain, and eventually you will start to have a highly integrated pathway that is associated to this girl.

This could be anything, from the toys you play with, to the movies you watch –

Study into Associations with Military:

One prime example of human behavior being modified by what your attention is delegated to the most, is within the manner you are reprogrammed via “Basic Combat Training” or more layman version – boot camp.

When you are in here, you are constantly reciting stories and “songs” the military designed with psychologist…

To quite honestly, reprogram a portion of your associative structure via repetition – to create a person who has a subconscious capable of killing.

Resisting this reprogramming can only be done by an aware mind – or you will be programmed, and you won’t notice it.


Here’s the trick.

The elite engineer meanings to inseminate your mind with the “double meaning” system to spread a seemingly innocent system of meanings (devoid of “lower/primal styled thinking”) with meanings that indicate to the lower/primal thinking.

This is the way the Elite work.


A *very* corny example, but these little cues, these little tid bits, of cultural “double meanings” – create a associative structure that you aren’t quite aware of.

As you aren’t aware of your entirety inside of your associative structure – Unless you are.

(See why I preach AWARENESS + SELF MASTERY?)

“Human’s are very binary creatures – until they’re not.”

See if I prime you with a association, it will be much easier later on to leverage this, to make it more powerful.

This is an effect that is noticed throughout the world. If you are primed on going to a bar to have a fun night out, you will be much more inherently driven to be moved towards that goal.

If I prime you that this hot girl likes you at the bar, you will have your attention focused on that already – and there will be a small associative pathway built to start recognizing that.

The value you assign to it, is dependent on the value you assign to *everything* in the immediate vicinity.

But… just to recap – the long something’s been being associated for – the more inherently valuable it may be.

Just to return to the Catholic Schoolgirl example again – the girl whose been going to her Catholic church her entire life may be much more inclined to inherently be “turned on” (value) a fantasy playing on something she’s been associated with her entire life (more circuitry to leverage to build value on top of).

And imagine.. if this girl values that, this can turn into something I can incentivize in her life.

Whatever it may be. Whichever way the associations form and build the value

Something I can incentivize – a underlying structure I can leverage depending on the frame and the primer to that frame.

Pay attention to the media you have been ingesting, it is laden with sexual content…


Because it’s reinforcing the foggy resolution associative structures that were laid in childhood – as well as everything that we’re being exposed to in adulthood.

See when the elite build a structure of meaning inside of you when you are young, the reason why they utilize double meanings with neutral “superficial” meanings, but primal behavior laced underneath is:

  1. To slip past the potential defenses your parents will place over your perception, as not to corrupt your thinking

  2. To lay a “dormant” layer of associations, that can be activated later on through reinforcement.

When I have laid a dormant layer of associations from your childhood, you will automatically have a stronger resonance with it later on – i.e. I can reinforce it into you through repetitive exposure at a much more susceptible rate – and you won’t know why.

With this structure laid from young, all one has to do is continue to reinforce it later into the life – and start assigning other’s to value it through association.

And this is what you see via movies – television shows – and various other mediums of association.

They build a character that might resemble you closely, or someone you might look up to, via your heroic appreciation association complex. Leveraging the network of associations they can produce a hidden “incentive system” that locks you into this primal behavior, which typically expends a large amount of resources, and continually presses you to “work for it.”

The expenditure of resources might come from “upping your game” to be able to attract who you want in your life.

Thus indirectly incentivizing you to always be chasing superficial items to keep up with the demands of the sexual market place.

This system works entirely by laying the rails per say young through double meaning symbology that embeds and reinforces the primal associations inside your subconscious.


Older – as long as I have enough time – I can program you any way – but of course… when you are young, you are much more suspectible… as there’s no pre-existing structure to delete or modify.

So to recap:

A great example of modifying someone’s associative structure is in the military, when you are sent to boot camp – though you are more receptive to the programming, if you are unaware – you will be reprogrammed completely.

This is the same exact system they use in your childhood.

Many pieces of content in various parts of your childhood was laced in impulsive underpinnings (double meanings via symbology to be perceived as such).

Many pieces of content also had inbuilt symbology that had a double meaning to build a sexually impulsive network of associations within your head.

The more your attention is on something, the more the item will be inbuilt into your idea of the world – your associative structure.


We have all the tools to start having this conversation.

  1. Associative Structures
  2. Leverage of Said Associative Structures
  3. Human Behavioral Expression

The elite inseminate your mind to lay the structure – and modify the way you value things from birth.

Hence why you see in the media people who are constantly doing impulsive things, these people are propagated – constantly. The more I expose you to the primal behavior, the more likely you are familiar with it, the more likely I can incentivize you to act primally.

So we can clarify the expression – the function of human behavior (at one level of analysis) to be based primly on:

  • Assignment of Value (Relative to Valuation of other things)

  • Energetic State

  • Expression (Relative to the Current Energetic Level)

  • Current Association State (The substrate for this entire system)

Let’s start connecting the dots.

  1. I build your network. I lay the entire foundation for you to be familiar with the behavior.
  2. Then –  I make a hero out of people who act impulsively – I.e. “women who are brave about their body count (amount of sex partners) are heros.”
  3. Then – I start holding marches, and xyz cultural movements to build a cultural incentive for you to be seen as a “hero” leveraging the previously exposed + built structures. To INCENTIVIZE you modifying your  behavior to be in line. Making you associate value to act like that – high value to make you expend a lot of energy. Creating the endless feedback loop to bring this behavior more so.

I just gave you every tool to perceive every cultural phenomenon.

This is where you do your own research – to solidify these ideas and this method in your head.

Good luck.

In ending:

This is meant to expose you to a large number of different concepts – to get you aware.

Everything around you influences you. Whether you like it or not.


It doesn’t.

“Human’s are very binary creatures – until they’re not.”

Be aware – Master Yourself.

Also – I’m very aware this is a long article. This is not designed for it all to click instantly – there’s a lot of parts of this you can extrapolate endlessly, and start to gain a high level understanding.

Which is exactly how I recommend this article.

Re-visit often, and work through it.

Thank you for reading.

Welcome to T&M.



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