The 5 letter word – “Start”.

“Maybe you just weren’t meant for it.”

“Maybe it’s not in your DNA”.

“Maybe you’re not smart enough.”

The words that leech through your veins like a sting to your ego. A little voice in the back of your mind says they just might be right. A flash of anger comes across the back of your neck and says they’re not. You’re just not *ready* yet you feel.

And reality is.. maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re not.

I’ll tell you something. Starting is perhaps the toughest damn thing you’ll ever do.

Do I need to tell you this? Hell no – you already know this deep down. Like a block that prevents you from going forward. When you take that first step – resistance, push back, even… hate from some people. Pressure from all sides. Pressure from your own body.

You question if this is even normal – for some. Ask questions how other’s are just able to jump right into something without any idea of what’s going to happen, where it’s going to go.

How they can just *will* things into life.

Read this closely – It’s okay – all those feelings you feel, they are fine. Have you ever thought about the feelings a boxer goes through right before he goes for his first sparring session?

“I’m going to embarrass myself.”

“I am going to get knocked the hell out.”

“I’m finished in 1 round.”

“I don’t want to do this at all.”

“Why did I even sign up for boxing.”

Now, you aren’t quite boxing.. but you might as well be.

At this point… you’re boxing yourself, and the bell just rung…

What’s this mean?

You are your biggest enemy – bar none. Every ping of pain, anxiety, wonder if you will ever be able to do this…

I have good news and bad news for you – it is all in your head. 110% of it. Every last sensation about starting, about failing, about all of it. It is all in your head…

And.. That is okay.

“At this point… you’re boxing yourself, and the bell just rung…”

Even if your very first…

  • Blog post
  • Product
  • Business Venture
  • Business Relationship

Absolutely fails… let me reveal something to you:

You are:

  • Still alive
  • Still not in the middle of a war
  • Still have another shot
  • And even smarter this go around
  • A little more wisdom under your feet

See? It’s not so bad. Taking any operation off the ground…

This is an extremely tough undertaking – and family… No one great became great in a day. It included a lot of..

  • Stumbling
  • Failing
  • Constantly getting hit
  • Constantly looking like a fool
  • Constantly taking that “L”

It’s practically a part of the job description. You might as well pencil that into your mind that losing will be something that happens. Failure. Getting a F on your entrepreneurship paper. The teacher (the market) telling you, you suck, you’re a piece of shit, and go try again.

This is absolutely a part of the game plan.

“I have good news and bad news for you – it is all in your head. 110% of it. Every last sensation about starting, about failing, about all of it. It is all in your head…”

And the best part is… all of that feeling bad about it… or even feeling enraged about it.. it is all.. *in your head*. None of it materializes into your real world – well unless you dwell on it a lot.

Word of advice – Don’t. Learn, and keep on going forward. Keep your chin up, and watch the tape. See where you went wrong. Review the teacher’s notes. Lick your wounds and get back at it. Your outcome of your life is on the line.


Remind yourself why you’re on this journey. Hell – visualize success if you need to. Remember that if you don’t keep building this skill, this means you will be working for someone else… for the rest of your life. Until.. “retirement”.


You can keep on the path of making something yourself, learning how to read a market more closely, learning how to tap into the culture and emotions of people.. And selling product.

It’s just like this.

“The teacher (the market) telling you, you suck, you’re a piece of shit, and go try again.

This is absolutely a part of the game plan.”

Keep going.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way – bookmark this post whenever you’re feeling down.

Remember to trust yourself, trust the process, and it’s just part of the game plan of development.

Now – let’s talk about the how.


1. A Boxer has a jab, a artist has a brush… and an Entrepreneur has his or her mind.



You as a budding entrepreneur, the single sole edge you’ll ever have is… you mental ability.

That’s it.

Folks will say…:

  • “His sales skill was better than mine.”
  • “His ability to manage his team was better than mine.”
  • “His xyz and blah blah blah is blah blah blah.”

Just insert your favorite excuse.

It all comes down to this for you and I.

Either you’re smart enough to do it, or you’re not. Sales, Branding, Building a Product, anything. It’s all due to your mental capacity. That’s it.

Scary isn’t it?

If your first thought was “Shit what if I’m not smart enough!”

Let me speak to that thought. You aren’t. But..

You can be.

When a boxer’s jab isn’t sharp as he’d like… he goes and practices his jab for 8 hours a day.. until it’s a sharp snappy shot that will pop anyone in his weight class off balance for the follow up.

When a artist’s shading skills aren’t as sharp as they’d like… they go and practice their their shading and shadowing skill with any assortment of artistic expression they can find.

For a entrepreneur… if the sales skill is shotty… we go out and learn as much as possible in the sales game as we can. And go put it to practice by driving into a town where no one will know you, and selling your socks off.

This isn’t optional. You’ve got to get your skills sharp to where you can be confident.

When a boxer isn’t confident about his jab… do you think they will be more inclined to use it or less?

Think about that.


2. The most important two things anyone can develop is… Awareness and Mastery.


If you want to be a boxer… you have to be attuned and aware of the movements of your opponent in the ring.

If you want to be a artist you have to be aware of the way that feeling and tension communicates with other parts of your expression.


If you want to be an Entrepreneur. You must. Must. MUST.

  • Have awareness of yourself, your skillset, your strengths, and… your weaknesses.
  • Have awareness of your team, your company, and it’s culture.
  • Have awareness of your market you’re operating in.

If you do not develop these things. You are going to die.

The market will pop you in the jaw, and follow up with a hook, a straight left, and will smell blood… and go for the knockout.


Always have your awareness up. Watch for the market’s movements.

Watch for your company’s sentiment.

And… most importantly.

Watch for your sentiment.

Self Mastery is not optional.

There’s no videos. No books. No product that will bring you this.

Your trainer isn’t going to fight the fight for you.


3. Learn the skillset that will map out to your success.


This will be a short section. This could be…

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Sales
  • Psychology
  • Storytelling
  • Traffic Generation Techniques
  • Website Building
  • Coding
  • Copywriting

Among other things. Develop these with a mentor… or go and develop these things yourself. What it takes to become a champion may change in the details of the.. sport, domain, or whatever you operate in.

But one thing doesn’t change.

It takes relentless practice. Relentless work. Relentless drive… and Awareness + Self mastery.

Welcome to


  1. Keep Posting bro! From just you twitter i know you have alot of material that needs to be out there- Your tweet about incentives blew my mind would like to see a blog post about it more. Cheers!

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